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I make cartoons and stuff. Nuff said.

  • @deadburrito2

    lol i was bored at home please hire me i cant get ravioli

  • @ponyhead651

    Mr. Purple is a phenomenal director. I was on BIZANTINe NOIRe and voiced Doris, and I have to say the writing and the lines for the character were hilarious. The art style of the movie was really cool, and the editing was amazing. If I were you I would 100000% join one of his projects. He kept me updated on how the project was going which a lot of directors do not do. He keeps communication going. Mr. Purple, I hope you grow even more!!!

  • @tanstin

    Mr. Purple was an excellent director. Worked with him as a lead for his project, Rhombazoid. Very quick to respond, and very flexible with my schedule since I'm in grad school. The writing for his episodes are hilarious, and his projects are very well organized. Would work with again.