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Notes on my voice for anyone interested is that I can offer a smooth voice takes on (mainly) male/guy characters, but am always open to auditioning for other variants! My best voice traits are of low/deep pitches, charismatic manipulators, dark and sinister characters in the young adult range, but I have the capability and motivation to do many different types of roles that are on the kinder and optimistic end.

I'm really into community content made off of big fandoms like Danganronpa!  
I've fell in love with working with almost every type of storytelling, and have made most of my hobbies and skills revolve around writing up new characters both in fleshing out their backgrounds and in visual aspects as well, which really only left voice acting.


I am flexible with prices.

What AjexVA is looking for

I'd be down to branch into any kind of project, though I do want to stay out of heavy NSFW to my preference.