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About Crow_Baby

Hello My Name is Crowe... But you can call me Crow Baby. I've always had a fascination with character impersonations and story telling. My Love for Impersonations and Story comes from My Favorite Games, Manga, Anime, Movies, And Projects where Me and other Amazing Voice Actors get the Opportunity to have a good time perfecting our craft in Voice Acting and Come together to Create Art.

  • @juan_sancheese

    Crow is great, he's active on the discord server and did a fantastic job voicing the character of Ramon in a manga dub I edited and uploaded. He's fun to keep around and I will definitely ask him to be in future projects. 

  • @ennui_animation

    Crowe does a fantastic job in his voice work, and he is hilarious! I love his improv, he brings so much good energy to the team!

  • @smashmaster

    CrowBaby gave phenomenal performances as Goku for my Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission Manga Dub and Ryota Kajiki for my Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga Dub! He has an incredible range and nailed the delivery of his lines. He has also voiced Donald Duck and Mushu for my KH2 Manga Fandub. Awesome guy to work with and a funny guy in general! Hire this man!