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About Skul

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to message me!

  • @vibripple

    Skul was a very professional and reliable director! He was able to give me clear vocal directions, and provided useful feedback on my performance. Additionally, he was able to manage the entire project well!

  • @shattersoflight

    Skul is a fantastic director, he knows what he wants for his project. And is extremely patient and willing to work with his cast to produce a fantastic outcome. I enjoyed immensely being part of his Pokemon Movie project and highly recommend working with him.

  • @j-ros

    I had the opportunity to work with Skul, where he directed and voiced a project. He is a good director, keeping everyone accountable while still being lenient with deadlines. As a voice actor, he is very good at capturing the emotion of a character and it's always a pleasure to listen to. Overall, I love working with him and would do so again, if given the opportunity.

  • @xcuber2

    Very professional, friendly, and talented, Skul was an absolute delight to work with! He knew exactly what he wanted as a director and communicated it very well, while also welcoming creative input. I would absolutely work with him again!