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About IriCrescent

My name is IriCrescent, and I'm a bookworm that enjoys diving into stories in almost any medium. The main genres that catch my interests are Fantasy, Fantasy-Scifi, Romance, and Slice of Life. 

I've currently just started up a new youtube channel for fandubbing projects. If you check out the link below, please enjoy!

I truly hope to develop my skill in voice acting, writing, and directing. So we'll see what the future holds!

What IriCrescent is looking for

Genres: Medieval Fantasy / Sci-fi Fantasy / Modern Romance or School life

Roles I really want:

- Swordswoman

- Practicing a Young Teen boy voice

- Sassy type of evil.

Typical / Can Do Voices :

- Young Adult Female

- Young girl / Teen girl 

- Bubbly, warm, supportive, energetic

- Serious, stern, caring

Sometimes I check "Script Editing" jobs, but I don't have time to be a full script writer.

  • @j-ros

    IriCrescent is the director for the Final Fantasy IX Fandub I'm in. She's not only talented as a VA, but she is also a good director, too. She is professional with her decisions and is fun to work with. I highly recommend her!