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About MariSkyVA

MariSkyVA, otherwise known as Mari, is a 22 year-old Korean-American Youtube voice actor from the Chicago area. Taking experience from a couple theater classes that she took in high school, she began voice acting back in 2016, voicing various characters for smaller projects such as LEGO animations and comic dubs with only the recording app on her cell phone as her microphone.

Recently, Mari has picked up the hobby once again, turning it into an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other voice actors, and is even collaborating with famous YouTube voice actors such as Rarzrevenge and Philsterman10.

Mari now voices a variety of different characters for various projects, one of her favorites being Ilya Mao from Beyblade Burst DB. She has also become known for her ability to voice younger male characters.

Mari is very excited and honored to have the opportunity to receive voiceover coaching and training from one of her best friends and fellow voice actor Sean Dickey (aka Sean M.D). Sean is best known for being one of the 3 winners in the “Now Voice This 8” voice competition in July 2021. Mari had met Sean in December 2021 while searching for someone to voice a character for one of her projects, and they have been friends ever since. Sean not only provided her with live direction for various roles that she has been cast for, but he also aided her in writing a script and provided her with live coaching and direction for her first official character demo reel.

Outside of voice acting, Mari is currently in pursuit of a nursing degree, and is taking college courses while also working very hard to balance working full-time and voiceover at the same time.

Wheaton Academy - 2015

Musical Theater Performance

Instructed by Corbett Burick, Joel Visker, Abby Woelfel
Wheaton Academy - 2018

Intro to Drama

Instructed by Corbett Burick
College of Dupage - 2023

Voice and Diction

Instructed by Amelia Barrett

Introduces principles of voice sound production. Designed to teach actors relaxation, breathing, and an understanding of the actor's vocal life and demands.

College of Dupage - 2023

Acting I

Instructed by Jason Gerace

Introduces actors to the fundamentals of acting: concentration, observation, playing action and other basics are introduced through acting exercises, improvisations, and scene study. Major acting approaches that develop connection to material or texts that may include exploration of Stanislavski-based techniques and movement-based pedagogies as the basis for helping the actor embody characters.

College of Dupage - 2024

Acting II

Instructed by Daniel Millhouse

Continues development of skills acquired in Acting I. Helps students develop believable characters while working on acting exercises and duet scenes from contemporary dramatic literature, at an intermediate and advanced skill level. Actors are also introduced to acting in period plays.

College of Dupage - 2024

Voice Acting

Instructed by Amelia Barrett

Introduction to voice acting techniques for radio, television, multimedia, and other audio and visual presentations.


Right now, my rates are as follows (rates are flexible):<100 words = $3 per line100+ words = $0.15/word

  • @Fireball-Studios

    I was really happy with the way Sky stepped up and voiced one of my characters, Sky is an incredibly talented person who knows how to voice the younger male characters. At first, I was like "huh? how is this gonna work", and then my mind had been blown away and had given me an idea of how the character was played turned out. Even if Sky isn't a perfect VA and faced challenges and we all face them too, Sky went beyond the limit and made Emphasis, a character that I made a video game on recently, sound perfectly well as a young teenage boy!

    If you are looking for anyone that can play a young protagonist or a character that is a child or a teenager, I recommend this person to you for future projects, just be sure to guide and give a good explanation so that the way your character is voiced can also be given an idea!

    Very talented individual overall! 

  • @nikko-abanilla

    Definitely get this one to join your projects! I promise you you won't regret it. She's someone with passion and dedication to get stuff done and in general someone fun to hang out with personally!

  • @zephyrkid

    Mari was a blast to work with!! She delivered her lines promptly, and with tons of energy. I'm looking forward to seeing how far she goes in the future, because with her determination, she's sure to prosper!!

  • @Jolleh

    I auditioned for Mari and her friend's project, and got cast as my first danganronpa role! She's extremely friendly and talented! Highly recommend!