Greetings!  I am a Voice Actor, I am happy to partake in projects, as long as they are SFW.

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Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goffeney

I enrolled in this course and immediately gained a better understanding of Voice Acting, and it has changed the way I approach Voice over entirely!

Closing Credits - 2024


Instructed by June Yoon

I enrolled in June Yoon's class to get better confidence in myself and my overall Voiceover, to which both goals were definitely achieved! I had a lot of fun and it was a great learning experience in how to approach any performance and characters.

  • @pedroprovina

    I’ve known Callum in a few projects we worked together this year, including some of my own projects, and he has been a wonderful person to work with! He can do some great voices ranging from mid to low tone, which was perfect for my Superman & Bugs Bunny comic dub project, where he plays Alfred Pennyworth and the Narrator. Callum is very kind and professional, and I couldn’t recommend him enough! 

  • @kaori_suzuki

    I've known Hungry for over a year now and they have been great to work with! both as a director and fellow voice actor. They're very respectful and are easy to work with! so I'd absolutely recommend them for any projects you need help with, whether it's direction or acting.

  • @j-ros

    I worked with Heracross on many projects as fellow voice actors, and one of them he has been the director of. As a VA, he is exceptional, with his biggest strength in my eyes being able to convey emotions with ease. As a director, not only is he lenient, but he knows what he wants and communicates it well.