Jenkib of Florida

Jenkib of Florida

I'm a voice actor, I think?

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I'm an amateur voice actor and writer, with preliminary experience in directing, acting, and editing.

  • @saladmozerella

    Eyy! Shoutouts to Jenkib726 for providing Poco's voice! If you are reading this, you captured his accent perfectly and you also had a sweet voice that gave it some character! That was amazing! Kudos to you and I'll see sou when the audiobook is done!

  • @rcorp0512

    My experience with this gentleman has been nothing but pleasant, an amazing voice actor with an amazing work ethic. He's been nothing but cooperative and patient, as well as extremely talented. If you're trying to cast a lead, do yourself a favor and cast Jenkib726.

  • @elmerlouise

    I would definitely recommend working with Jenkib726. He is very professional and offers communication, which always is the best when you are in a big project. He was able to handle several Voice Actors and Actresses and keep them informed and updated. He organized his scripts and made it very easy to flow. He is a wonderful person to get to know as well and a big fan of DnD, which is a bonus! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with him more.

  • @tmaruvoices

    Working with Jenkib726 was delightful. Brilliant at juggling a project with many different actors and organised the scripts well, while being supportive and kind to the cast. Created a really great project and made it a wonderful experience.

  • @grantthehierophant

    Jenkib is a wonderful project lead and did a fantastic job assembling One's A Crowd. He was clear with what he needed and ran a tight ship, and was great to work with! Very friendly and easygoing. I would love to work with him again in the future!