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My discord is Innawhile_dubs

Hi, I'm Wesley Hansen
Director, writer, and Voice Actor.

I'm a very passionate director and actor and will not settle for anything less then 100%! I've been acting my whole life and started directing back mid 2020. As long as you are consistent and fun to be around we'll get along just fine!

My Youtube Channel:

Currently directing:
  • -Ratchet & Clank Comic Fandub

  • @kevinkowalskiva

    Wes has voiced multiple characters in my Tournament of Power Abridged project and did a fantastic job! His lines were always sent on time, and was always willing to rerecord lines as needed. I'm sure anyone that hires Wes will have as positive of an experience as I did!

  • @elmerlouise

    For those that have not worked with WeseweseW , I can say he is an amazing director. He is easily breaks the ice and makes you feel like part of the team. His humor is contagious and continues throughout the project.
    When he is directing, he gives great leads and tips on how to express yourself. He joins in on you live directing by adding his own voices to really give you that extra push to deliver great quality emotion. I can say I will continue to work with WeseweseW on future projects and the one I am currently in. Thank you for being amazing.

    Active project:
    The Adventures of Sly Cooper Fandub

  • @greg-vinciguerra

    Wes is very committed to making high-quality projects, and is excellent to work with. He goes above and beyond to foster a vibrant community every time. His voice acting skills are also brilliantly amazing, and he can voice-match like a boss. 10/10, would audition for again. I can't wait to see what he does next!

  • @beeciarati

    Wes is an amazing voice actor, as well as an incredible director to work with! They provided a fun and relaxing space in which to provide voice work and did an incredible job providing live direction during our recording session. Please do not pass up the opportunity to work with Wes, you will NOT regret it!

  • @jordan-alan

    Wes got in touch quickly after I was cast, directed me clearly and specifically without wasting any time so that we knocked out our recording session quickly, and within a week had rolled out a finished product that I think speaks for itself. As a very new voice actor who is maybe extra sensitive about doing a good job, I was looking forward to my first time being directed by someone in real time, but I didn't know what to expect. I craved real, no-nonsense feedback. Wes provided exactly this without hesitation, and the vibes were always chill and friendly. I could happily and fruitfully record for a much longer project under this style of direction.

  • @mccfaith

    Wes is a super dedicated/talented director that will spend time with you to help you with your lines. We worked for hours to get the lines down just right! But it was all worth it as the final product was amazing. He was very quick to respond and gave great criticism in a fun and friendly way. Wes is an amazing voice actor and leader. I'm glad he was my first director as he never let me get lost in the scary world of voice acting. I hope to work with Wes once again in the future!