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About thatoddcandy

Hello Everyone! My name is Eva, and as you probably guessed by now, I'm a Voice Actress. I made my CCC when I was 15, but now, as an adult, I want to try and jump back into the hobby I was so passionate about! Although I'm self-taught and not professionally trained, I'll do my best to make any project shine! Let's work hard together!! :D

**Current projects**
~Lore Olympus Motion comic
~Bendy and the Ink machine Henry AU dub

                                    ~~~Proud member of Timeline Studios~~~

  • @scoevo

    You will be hard pressed to find an individual as eager to participate, help and give support to others as thatoddcandy. From the first moment we joined the project discord she has been socializing and praising people for their work without end. She can meme pretty hard from time to time but she is aware of this and keeps it reasonable lol. All-in-all thatoddcandy is an honor and a pleasure to work with no matter what the project may be and I highly recommend her for whatever it is you're working on. She'll make it better with her presence alone.

  • @sabtsuky

    This lovely young lady has been exceptional to work with! She is currently cast in my project and does beautiful voice acting. shes a team player and always gives the team a boost of optimism! She's very professional when we have to get down to work, takes directions very well and is very easy to talk too and down to earth. She's a breath of fresh air. It is truly my honor that she considered auditioning for my project and that she's on board with us now,I HIGHLY recommend thatoddcandy for any future projects, she brings a lighthearted and infectious humor to the room and gives her very best in everything she sets her mind too.I have no doubt she will be an amazing addition to any team.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    thatoddcandy is an incredible addition to any project! She is extremely hard working, dedicated and willing to help out whenever she can. I have only just gotten to know her recently but I can already tell what an incredible person she is. Her personality is truly amazing and so is her skill as a voice actor. She is highly talented. She is extremely respectful of her cast mates and even more supportive! She will go out of her way to support a fellow cast member and I admire her a lot for it. She will go far and I cannot recommend her enough!

  • @shmeeva

    thatoddcandy is an incredibly kind and talented individual that brings so much joy to any project that are fortunate enough to work on! By only talking for a short period of time, it is so clear to see she is dedicated and full of passion so any role that she is casted for, she will bring her A game every single. Absolutely adore working with her!

  • @doctorgrey

    Where does one begin with Eva? Her story is one of triumph, a journey of constant hard work and determination that anyone can admire. The performances she turns in despite the circumstances she has faced are truly mesmerizing, a testament to the raw talent and passion she brings to the table. I would certainly recommend her for any project.

  • @moodycancer

    When I think of Eva, a LOT of words come to mind. But the most important would be: eager, passionate, friendly, kind. But really, the list just goes on.
    Here's just one example of this:
    In a project we are in together, there are a lot of extras roles that need to be filled as the project progresses. Every time the director needs one filled, you bet Eva is the first to go for it, full of passion and eagerness.
    And on top of that, Eva really has the skills necessary to have success in a wide variety of roles. Her willingness to try new things is a great aspect of her personality. She is talented and hardworking, always striving for the best in her performances.
    But most importantly, Eva is a pleasure to work with and she's great to have as a friend. To me, she's like a little ray of sunshine. There is positivity and light wherever she goes.
    Really, I could go on and on, but I just wanted to highlight a couple of great qualities of Eva, both as a voice actress and as a person in general! I'm so thankful for the fact that we've had the opportunity to work together and become friends.