YouTuber, Editor, Barbershop Quartet Singer. I make videos. 

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About Xemptful

I'm Brandon! I make comedic videos on YouTube. I'm a passionate individual who's always looking to push the bounds of humor and creativity. When I'm not directing projects, I love to participate in the incredible creations of others. I've been an actor and a singer for a number of years now, and would love to take on new roles/projects.

Discord: @Xemptful

YouTube: Xemptful 

  • @mitch-xander

    Fantastic to work with. Script and direction was clear and they payed very quickly after I submitted my lines to their approval. I highly recommend them! 👍👍👍

  • @tprefect

    Good Guy! Fantastic to work with! Always ready to take on new ideas even from others.

  • @TimHarrod

    Knows what he wants, gives clear instructions, pays promptly! Excellent work experience.