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About OreoTime

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Not accepting projects that I don't audition for. Please don't message me about projects as of 2024.

Hello! My name is Oreo. (Any pronouns). I'm a voice actor in Ohio.

In addition, I work as a translator and audio engineer.
I voice for small or extra roles ONLY. This may change in the future, but this is all I am able to do right now.

My primary language is English but I can speak a fair amount of Japanese as well. 

If you're looking for a voice actor who is passionate, versatile, and dedicated to bringing your project to life, I would love to collaborate with you. Whether it's a commercial, animation, video game, audiobook, or any other form of media, I'm ready to lend my voice and contribute to the success of your project.

I use a scarlet studio interface and an AT2020 mic + pop filter. My backup mic is a snowball. 

To contact me, you can PM me. 

I look forward to working with you!

Academy of Cinematic Arts - 2022

Film Production

Instructed by [Redacted for privacy]

Learned the basics of live acting, wrote and edited a short film.

Academy Of Cinematic Arts - 2021


Instructed by [Redacted for privacy]

Learned the basics of film, camera shots, lighting, and directing actors.


After doing my work a recommendation is much appreciated! 

Rates don't apply if I audition for your project. 

$0.80 per line. Retakes will be done for free as many times as needed.

For translating we can discuss rates, but note I will not do anything for free. 

What OreoTime is looking for

My voice is mainly higher - ranged, so, I enjoy voicing child characters. I'm willing to voice younger teens, too. 


- projects that I did not audition for. 

-Lead or Supporting roles

- Foreign language roles (in terms of voice acting I will only voice in English roles.)

- NSFW roles (I'm a minor)

- Heavy swearing

- Discriminatory roles (Like hate speech)

- Projects that just don't interest me

Projects I am currently doing:

  • Influencer Island Japanese translator

  • Ravenwood Mage Academy subtitle translator

  • A Memory's Recipe audio engineer

  • The Lost Dial pre-concept artist

  • Banana Fish stage play (2021) English translator

  • Life In Gacha Life voice actor

  • The Friendless Game voice actor

  • Y/N Mania voice actor

If you reach out with a project or role please have info about the character and project. Examples of your work would be great as well, but if it's your first project I understand. 

Recommendations ↓ 

  • @sunsetsafariyt

    I worked with Oreo on my new series "Best Friends Forever". She has such an amazing, cute voice you can listen to all day! I'm excited to continue working with Oreo she's amazing and very friendly and I'm happy to call her my friend now! <3

  • @merlva

    I'm honestly very disappointed Oreo only has one recommendation.
    I'm working with her on a project, and she's such a kind soul. She puts alot of effort into her VA which is extremely clear to anyone who listens.
    Overall, she's an amazing VA. Definitely recommend her ^^

  • @jazaxiee

    It's ridiculous how this talented creator and voice actor doesn't have the recommendations they deserve! Although I worked with Oreo for a short amount of time at the moment, Oreo has definitely made their mark in the production! Oreo voices one of the main roles in my project and I couldn't ask for better! Clear delivery, perfect attitude, and someone I honestly enjoy talking to. Oreo is definitely the person to go to when you have a sassy or wacky character in neeqd of a voice! 

  • @deleted402370

    Oreo is such an amazing director. Not only is he passionate, but also incredibly friendly and supportive! So honoured to be working with him.

  • @helloiamflowernicetomeetyou

    Oreo honestly did such an amazing job as Poppy for my project. He brought so much life to the character and I was honestly so amazed. He is also very kind and very easy to work with! He puts so much effort into his voice acting and it’s amazing how much he can do it. He clearly knows what he’s doing. Poppy was a rather hard character to voice act for and he absolutely NAILED IT and made it look easy. His voice matches her perfectly! It was exactly what I was looking for! Oreo is definitely a recommendation of mine!

  • @musicalleo

    No, but you MUST hire Oreo, too talented that's all I could say, just simply nice and cool and AMAZINGGG! Give Oreo a big round of applause >:C

  • @diarosee

    As a director and voice actor, I must say that Oreo performs best in both roles. You must hire him as he's very friendly, cool, and puts effort into his lines!! In my project, The Sirens' Lost Heir, Oreo did an excellent job in the voice acting. You'd have a great time working with him!

  • @cookiesva

    The first thing I see is seven recommendations. WHY IS THERE ONLY SEVEN? Oreo has worked with me as a fellow director and can we just appreciate how nice and responsible director they are? They keep track of tasks really well, not to mention give updates to the team. Who could've asked for a better director? Also, hearing Oreo's voice acting I have two words. Absolutely spellbinding. Their voice acting is absolute superb oh my gdfksjdasaskjd, GIVE OREO MORE RECOGNITION PLEASE !!

  • @ronniethefruity

    This amazing human has changed my life like dhar mann. pls hire him because he's literally famous he voice acted for someone with 1 million subscribers its an honor to breathe the same air as him hire or else I will personally assassinate you /hj /j

  • @abcia2

    Oreo's voice was perfect for the role and they immediately understood exactly how I wanted the lines to sound

    They're also so nice <3

    Highly recommended