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  • @zack4343

    Koe is an incredible VA, and someone I have worked with for multiple projects. he has performed excellently in both projects he has been involved in. Not only that but he is professional and gets his work done on time. He is approachable and has a passion for his work. 

  • @xieken

    I've worked with Koe on a Japanese Dub project and all I can say is that this guy got talent! His fluency and take of the language and bringing it out on record is amazing! Definitely worth the recommend!

  • @joshua-k

    I was a co-star along with Koe in a Rocket League fan anime, which required the entire cast to speak in Japanese. Especially when it is not your native language and you still need to deliver a performance in it, it is a huge challenge, but Koe was 100% up up for the task. He was the perfect addition to the cast for this project.

  • @pookieparrot

    I'm a fellow cast member of Koe's in a Rocket League project. His ability to preform in Japanese and deliver an emotive performance is remarkable! His dedication and involvement brings a wonderful energy to the group.

  • @youngotaku

    I worked alongside Koe in a Japanese dubbed project and his delivery and voice is just amazing! Being able to bring his energy 100% to both his character acting as well as communicating to everyone on the team. A great actor and person to have on a project!

  • @FanScapePod

    I just finished working with HeyItsKoe, and he was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him on future projects!

  • @phonobabble

    Koe plays a driver on the other team in a japanese rocket anime, and does just, an amazing job with all of his lines!

  • @jasonmiles

    Koe voiced a main character in a project we are both working on. Leave it to him to dish out professional voiceover work in both English and Japanese.

  • @deleted597395

    This awesome individual has a magnificent and alluring voice. He brings every character he plays to life, be it significant or supporting. He is punctual and concise in his deliveries and never fails to impress with every take he submits. Highly recommended to work for your establishment, I guarantee he'll bring 100% if not even more into his craft.