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About Xieken

Voice acting has always been a dream of mine to get into. While I am new to the scene, I hope that with much practice and feedback I can nurture my passion to be an actual talent that is sought after.

I'd say my greatest strength is my Japanese. While I can only speak basic Japanese, I specialize in Japanese impressions as well as Japanese accented roles.

I also have a discord and should have the time to record lines so long as sufficient time is given.

Discord : Xieken#1542

  • @thereconjacob

    Delivered some high quality voice work in a small time frame. Definitely recommend :)

  • @zack4343

    Xieken is a an amazing voice actor. He worked as Takumi in my Rocket league anime project. He did a great job, and was very professional!

  • @zack4343

    Xieken has increible talent as a voice acotr! So much so that I was able to have him be another voice actor in the same project! He is nothing short of amazing. I hope he finds success as a voice actor because he deserves it. 

  • @HeyItsKoe

    Dude has RANGE! I'm on a Japanese dub Rocket League anime series with Xieken. The ability to play two villainous roles sounding differently is quite the skill! Solid VA right here!

  • @phonobabble

    Their japanese really does sound incredible, as far as I can tell anyway. Totally give them a shot if you get the chance~

  • @darth-varkor

    Voiced Shaardan on my most recent KOTOR Machinima Project. Did a fantastic job in understanding the role and delivery high quality content in a timely manner. Thank you, Xieken!

  • @Mr_EMC

    Xieken is very talented and his voice was a delight to listen to. He has excellent intuition for tone and diction, and I loved working with him.