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Hello CastingCallClub! My name is Josh and I have been a voice-over enthusiast for the past 5 years. I have taken some drama and theater classes in my time, and I have dabbled in voice-over via some fandub projects and also creating voice overs for my small YouTube channel, but was never able to do much beyond it due to lack of personal equipment. But now that I have it, I am eager to start tackling some projects!

Let's record something amazing together!

Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) - 2014


Instructed by Stuart Fingeret

The 1st theater/drama class I ever took.

California State University-Northridge - 2015

TH 111

Instructed by Corey Sorenson

A theater class taken for General Education credit in university.

  • @zack4343

    Joshua was incredible in my project. He came into it on short notice because of issues with another VA. With that said, he went above and beyond expectations. He delivered his lines quickly and reduced the entire project. This recommendation from me should count as 5 for the great job he did. 

  • @HeyItsKoe

    I'm on a Japanese dub Rocket League anime series with Josh. We have been waiting quite a while for someone to voice one of the protagonists. Once he was confirmed, I soon found he fit the character SO well and has that signature anime protagonist voice, too. Awesome VA right here!

  • @pookieparrot

    Josh was a recent addition the Rocket League Anime we are appart of, to take up the role of Itonashi. Hearing his performance and ability to capture the character with such short notice was amazing, he is quite the talented actor.