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About Fazachm

안녕하세요!/Hello!/ こんにちは!

Call me Faza/Felix, I edit videos and maybe (just maybe)
voice act.


GMT+8 (Indonesian Standard Time)


Discord: Faza#7515



fazachm0208 (not really active)

  • @tiff

    GREAT HILICHURL VOICE. (lol, on a serious note) Great friend, very funny to talk to. Breaks the ice in an awkward cast, and very outgoing and friendly. Super cool

  • @deleted296639

    Faza is an amazing voice actor and from what I can tell, he's already come so far in his voice acting journey! He's very skilled at impressions and has a very impressive range, not to mention he's a fun person to work alongside with! I definitely recommend considering Faza if he ever decides to audition for your project!

  • @dazzerbee

    Faza is an immensely talented actor with an incredible range. He is also an exceptional cast mate that makes everyone feel truly welcome. I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of working with him. Not to mention, he never fails to bring me a smile :)

  • @renroki

    Faza is an amazing guy to work with! He’s so fun and is insanely talented and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future! Overall he’s a great friend, super humble, and someone I was lucky enough to work with on my first project.

  • @cherryfoxva

    Faza is an amazing voice actor, he has incredible range and is very sweet and kind to those he works with. He always delivers his lines on time and works extremely hard on everything he does. I have only worked with Faza for a short time but already consider him one of my best friends and one of most talented voice actors I know. I highly recommend working with him, he will not only be greatly useful to your project but will also be an unbelievably good friend for life.

  • @zack4343

    Faza has become one of my favorite voice actors I have ever worked with within a project. He did an incredible job and is so talented. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have him as one of the voice actors in my project. He did amazing, to say the least. 

  • @HeyItsKoe

    I'm with Faza on a Japanese dub Rocket League anime series. Really delivers that pumped up rival character voice!