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I'm Dazzerbee, a voice actor who dabbles in a little bit of everything. 
Currently, I'm a working adult that does work overnights, but my time zone is EST.

Primarily I voice males in mid to high range, but am also able to do children, and love when I get a chance to voice animals. 

Please feel free to contact me here or on either of my social media's should I be a voice you would like in your project!
Discord: dazzerbee#2224 

Twitter: @dazzerva

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  • Current Active Projects

Albedo, Thoma, Gorou, and Chongyun for CherryFoxVA

  • Gorou for SL Wind

  • Joe Tazuna for Laila_Rayn

  • Felix and Ashe for cup-of-yuri 

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by Deb Munro
What dazzerbee is looking for

Comic dubs, audiobooks, visual novels, games, animated shows/clips

  • @tiff

    DAZZERBEE!! Where do I start? He's so sweet and talented. Very friendly and super humble. I promise it is a huge delight working with him!

  • @cup-a-yuri

    Dudes great honestly. He's working on his range and I've casted him in a project of mine because I know he'll do amazing things. I have nothing but respect for this fine gentleman.

  • @deleted296639

    There's so much to say about him, however, let me just start off by saying that he's simply just incredibly talented when it comes to voiceover! His range is so remarkable and his impressions never fail to amaze me!
    Not to mention that this man is just so sweet and friendly with his fellow cast mates, it's almost unbelievable!! Please please please consider him if he auditions for you! You 100% won't regret it!

  • @renroki

    Dazzerbee is such an insanely talented and incredible person to work with. He is a fantastic actor with a great voice, along with a good friend and positive person.

  • @cherryfoxva

    Dazzerbee is the most wholesome and sweet person, he is incredibly talented and hard working and his kindness is unlimited. He's so fun to work with and there is never a moment when he doesn't make everyone happy. His range is amazing and he's works super hard at everything he does. I'm very grateful to work with him and to be his friend.

  • @mercwithamouth

    I've known Dazzer since December in the few months I've known him I can say with 110% certainty that he is THE best person I have ever done voice acting with. Such a talented guy with an amazing voice, as well as being a genuinely great guy who is a pleasure to be around. Not much more to say then Dazzer is really f-ing amazing.

  • @calvin-wilks