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About Ren

I'm a voice actress and enjoy occasionally making music. I’ve sang for 12+ years with training and done stage acting for 7+ years. I've worked on a number of animations, video games, and audio dramas and have some dubbing experience too! I absolutely love being able to lend my voice to every character I've played and I'll be sure to give each one my all!

  • @dazzerbee

    RenRoki is amazingly talented. Not only is she an amazing actor, but also an incredible artist! She is an absolute sweetheart that brings cheer and fun to the project. I am happy have met and have the opportunity to work with her

  • @tiff

    WAHH LOVE LAURENN!! She's such an amazing friend, voice actor, and overall amazing to work with. A very wholesome human being and super friendly. I'm in a few projects with her, and she's even in one of my side projects. That proves how reliable she is! Super happy I met her, you won't regret casting RenRoki!

  • @cherryfoxva

    Lauren is a wonderful, talented, hard working voice actor. She is an amazing and caring friend who is always there for everyone. She works so hard on her lines and supports everyone she works with. It's an honour to work with her and have her as my friend. I'm sure she's going to make it very far in the voice acting industry.

  • @minnexas

    Renroki did amazing work on my project! Everything from the audition to the actual script! She is very very talented and is very kind! I would love to work with her again in the future and highly recommend her!

  • @twohearted

    Lauren is a very talented and promising young voice actor. She is also the sweetest person and has a great voice. Her voice has this serenity in it that is hard to find elsewhere. Throughout the process she had great communication with us, and was willing to do multiple takes until we completely perfected the scene. Finding a tight balance in the scene we worked on was only possible because of her listening skills and her ability to play within the context of the project.

  • @toxicure

    Very Talented and skilled in her craft. Ren delivers high quality work and iis easy to communicate with! a fun voice to animate!

  • @melancholy-marionette

    Super talented and versatile! Just an absolute delight to work with in general :3 Audio quality was incredible and the delivered audio was really easy to work with. We were on a team together for a game jam with a strict deadline and all lines were delivered swiftly and on time with no problems whatsoever. It was an honour to get to work together! Thank you so much for everything <3

  • @bxrxtx

    Ren did the voice of the game character Breaker that I casted for. She did a very good job and can do some impressive yells/screams. Recommended.

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Ren voiced three very different characters in my game project and she did amazing in all of them. From an aggressive woman to an old lady and a nice girl-next-door type of character, she nailed all of them without making it seem it was the same person behind those voices! The acting and expressing of emotions are impressive. Not to mention how quickly she delivered the lines. it was a great pleasure to work with her!