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"Once a brony, always a brony."

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About Dill Senor

⫷About Me⫸

Hello, there! My name is Dylan Villasenor-Doan, but I use Dill Senor as my stage name. I was born on September 6th, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I was raised and currently reside. I am of Eastern Canadian, Mexican, and Vietnamese descent. As a kid, I’ve always had a passion for acting. I would always mimic the characters that I watched and would perform in front of my family and friends. Although I suffered from stage fright, I've learned to overcome the fear as I got older. I'm also attending an acting course in college to learn more tips and tricks to becoming a full-time actor.

I'm not just a voice actor, but I'm also a director and a writer. I do mostly audio dramas on my YouTube channel for my audience to see and enjoy. I used to do animation videos a while back before retiring from them due to falling out of the passion to do so. I would do original content, such as review videos on certain occasions or song covers/parodies that I would whip up. I also focus on both video and audio editing, which I'm pretty decent at. I'm also open to collaborating.


I'm mostly into FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) & MLP (My Little Pony) content, but I’m also into other franchises, like the Super Mario series to name a few. I’m also into a lot of horror media, but I do enjoy other media from different genres as well.

Since I'm a writer, I also take the time to create stories. Although not professionally, I take the time to come up with new ideas and bring them to life, whether fiction or nonfiction.

⫷Things I Won't Be Doing or Participating In⫸

  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

  • Projects with weird, creepy, or unprofessional creators or workers.

  • Projects with the least amount of care put into them, such as low-quality animation or so.

⫷My Social Media⫸

My Discord is yennie86yt

My Instagram is @thats_dill.tastic

My Twitter is @Yennie86YT

My YouTube is Yennie86YT

My Skype is dylanvillasenor


As of right now, I'm not looking for any payment. I'm simply here to have fun and experience! I may start charging in the near future, as I want to become a professional voice actor. But, for now, I'm free of charge!

What Dill Senor is looking for

I usually lend my voice in Five Nights at Freddy's or My Little Pony-related projects. However, if there is a project that catches my interest, then I'll be happy to voice in it. Not NSFW projects, though.

  • @choyotottix

    I'd like for people to audition for Humongous Custom Night!

  • @ianamg

    he's cool he does great works from what i see

  • @alleveiate

    Thanks for giving me opportunities and being a great director! I appreciate how instantaneous your responses are and how hard you've worked on your projects with us voiceover artists!