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Canadian Voice Actor. She/her. 26. 
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Live Actor

Hello I'm Kyleigh, but you can call me Kyles27 years oldCanadianShure MV7/Scarlett Solo Interface/Adobe Audition/Treated Sound BoothVoice specialization: Female and young voices, including: babies, children, and female teens, young adults, adults, and elderly voices.
Display Photo by Maddie L Instagram: madslolo_art
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Producer
Daniel's the name and voice acting is my game.
You can find me on Discord @DanielJ#1487. Instagram @notdannyj, and Snapchat @dannyjtheman. I also accept payment through Cash App for paid projects.
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
I am a Voice Actor
Hello name's Cammy! I am 17 years old currently. I've always wanted to be a voice actor for a long time but I'll also be making my own projects. Stay tuned for more updates!
Speaks: english
Some random guy on the internet who enjoys creating.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Video Editor
I'm a solo creator just making random skits with characters.
I'm also an aspiring voice actor looking to get a role in any sort of small project whether it's games or animations.
Right now I am working on two comic projects.
Ludus Cladis - A homestuck inspired fan adventure hosted on MSPFA.COM -
And Underworld Shenanigans - An original character comic series on Webtoons Canvas -
.My Voiceover Dubs and Memes playlists -
My other links.
Speaks: english
I am an autistic and artistic creator and voice actress!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
I begin acting when I was 7. I’m a teen now and I still love it! I was also inspired by cartoons to voice act as well. I am also a creator and love to write scripts.
Even though I’m a female, I can do voices for BOTH genders, all ages, and almost all types of voices.
Happy to be here!
YouTube Content Creator || Voice Actor.
I am a Voice Actor
Hello! I'm an Asian American Voice Actor. Have anything for me that fits that role?Need to hear a sample? Here is a Youtube playlist of videos I've been in on![Click Here]Voice typeMasculine voice, middle to high pitchTime ZonePacific Time ZoneHobbies-Reading Manga, Eating yummy food, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail-Love science fiction, the Giant Monster genre, and storytelling.
Speaks: english
Hi! I have been voice acting for about 3 years now. I do have experience, unfortunately most projects i have been casted for have been canceled. im also a small time director looking for voice actors interested in gacha club.
I am a Voice Actor and Director
I am a female. So the voices i do are usually female teens or female children, i can do young adult, but i have a pretty high pitched voice for my age! what I acceptI will do basically any voice acting projects in reason.
Speaks: english
Hey, I’m Isaac Birchall, and I have been working as a Voice Actor since 2018. I am well versed in all forms of English, American, Australian and European accents. 
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Hey, I’m Isaac Birchall, and I have been working as a Voice Actor since 2018. Having lived in the United Kingdom, Australia, and France, I’m adept at performing in all sorts of British and Australian accents, and even in the French Language.Working from my home studio, based in Montpellier, France, I am able to record any project to professional quality without the hassle of renting a studio space, but if required I am able to travel to wherever I’m needed.You can find my work on my website:
I'm crazy and can make your characters sound fun. Please consider me for your next project.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Live Actor
I've taken lots of acting classes, and love voice acting. It's a fun way to express yourself and earn money.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Skills and Interests: sarcasm tough
Hey there! its Jazzo!! :D Just a girl who dreams ALOT!!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Writer, and Director
MisoJazzo introduction!!^^  :D✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ Hey you may know me as Miso or Jazzo! Or both! But for my lil introduction my name is Jazzo!! It's been quite a while since I finally had the courage to start my own voice acted series for a journey of my life to start and ever since like the beginning of 2020 i wanted to start writing books or even make my own show, but that time i didn't have the courage too D: but now that i have improved on plot twists and plotting i finally did have the courage to start my own series and oh boy.. It's hard but I still keep my hopes up haha! But what i mostly do is trying to create my series, not much art or voice acting -^- ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · ✧˚ · . ✧˚ · . ✧˚ to get started about what I really love:{|Swimming || Boa...
Garnering experience so I can fill out this field appropriately.  
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Stepping out from the microcosm of community theatre and daydreams to find a greater (ie “broader”) creative outlet. Life is more than shoe repair and orthopedic care, and spending gobs of time doing nothing, so…so there!
I have done various tiny bits of voiceover for places such as my church and workplace, as well as covering an Irish accented character for my dad in an audiobook he was recording. That was a good move on his part.
Writing is one of my favorite ways to express my (very) strong emotions, usually in narrative or script format, though sometimes in in very odd..poetry? One of my life ambitions is to finish a novel, or series of novels as it may be, since the universe keeps expanding, and voice it. I would like to do my vision justice, while learning from, collaborating with and helping other people fulfill theirs!

Voice Description: male adult male senior
Young Voice Actor/Actor, willing to fill out his resume and learn more and more roles.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hello, my name is George. I'm eighteen years old and I've had audtions for voice acting roles that never seem to quite work out, some of which you may be familiar with.

- Percy Jackson and The Olympians
- TMNT: Mutant Mayhem
- Disney's Bunk'd

Outside of my acting experience I'm also a experienced video editor. I am willing to edit any project for you (under the right price of course :)).

As I meet more and more people here, I'm willing to learn and grow, as well as connect with people who are willing to give me a opportunity to see my potential and I will be grateful for managing to land a role where needed.

My socials: @geemoneybag (Discord)Youtube Channel: (
Speaks: english