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I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Bilingual voice actor (industry since 2018) and singer (12 years of training).English voice of Clerestory (CYCLE), Rowdy (The Bully Exposed), Sara Lance (Tinies of Tomorrow) and several characters in projects by the Sonic fandom, including Tails, Amy, Sally, Dash and many originals.Hebrew voice of Kira and Kricketina (Pokémon Journeys), Nova (Lego Friends: The Next Chapter), Katinka, Luna and Anna (School of Magical Animals), Bradley (NOS4A2) and Kim (Alexa and Katie).Additional work: Link Legends (Eng), Super Sentai KND (Eng), narration for Hop! (Eng), The Terror: Infamy (Heb), A Week Away (Heb), Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series (Heb) and plenty more to come. :)
Your Badass Character's Voice ;-) Experienced VO - Natural American Accent 
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
I have been imitating, copying, creating, and improvising my own characters, accents, and personalities since I was a young girl. I love the art of creating characters and have been actively involved in acting/voice-over for a couple years.  I get particularly excited with Anime, cartoons, and video game projects.  

I have experience working on video games, animated series, and a bunch of narrative projects.

My usual casting is the badass warrior/soldier/military professional but I can do much much more.

Let's work together! :)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Writer, and Producer
Hello there! My name is Ava I am a 15 year old creator on the platforms Twitch and YouTube. I am a producer, writer, editor and filmmaker. I have had experiences in directing and filming and loads of experience in editing. My reason for joining is to become a voice actor, and direct some of my own stuff and hopefully get some people to help upcoming projects!Can't wait to get to know some of you!
Speaks: english
Voice Description: female teen
va, audio editor, director, video editor
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
☄. *. ⋆ About me: ☄. *. ⋆I am Bericherri and you can hire me as a va, audio and video editor and director/manager!!I have been in the project business for a year but have learned so much already!☄. *. ⋆ Experience: ☄. *. ⋆VA: 1 YearAudio Editor: Couple of Months but very experiencedDirector/Manager: a part of 4 projects right now☄. *. ⋆ Contact me: ☄. *. ⋆discord: kim_chi.iI am happy to give you demos and examples of what I can do, please message me!
Setup: audacity
I am a YouTuber but also a actor and singer, voice actor, I also like to make song about films and games, me and @PurpleBubble_Gacha are friends got check there projects
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Director, and Live Actor
All of my projects will end up on YouTube so when they are done check them out, my YouTube channel is iloYTshortsI hope you all love my song and please subscribe to my channel 
Every day is a chance for a new adventure.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
After going to school for vocal performance, I shifted gears and worked in Journalism where I recorded a news podcast in Colorado. I then shifted and worked in aviation management, and am now going back to my roots as a vocalist and seeking VO opportunities and recording gigs to start working for myself. I’ve had experience acting in a number of musicals and operas, usually character roles. I have more than a decade of experience in stage performance and directing experience from music directing to stage directing. I love exploring what I can do with my voice.As a side note, I’m obsessed with pirates and would consider them my spirit animal!
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult male teen monster
Search all 6858 voice actor music director profiles