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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Writer
Hello all! I am but a simple early-twenties work horse attempting to get out his creative spirit in as many fun and interesting ways as I am capable of.

I have long desired being an actor but felt that voice acting was a far more expressive and capable niche for me to fulfill by the time I started college. I started practicing accents and studying dialect and language arts by the time I was in middle school and went full-in on trying to voice act at the begging of 2021.

I have unending optimism and while I can think little of myself and my talents from time to time, I can turn praise and compliments into the ultimate motivation while still paying attention to and learning from criticism.
If you have a role you think I may befit, feel free to contact me. I can be reached in a multitude of places. Besides here, I can be reached at:
Twitter: @windywriter_
Discord: ...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: gaming minor video editing
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
We're a writing group that took things a little too far.
Speaks: english
Someone once told me I have the perfect face for here I am!
I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
FYI: Great problem to have but I receive a TON of messages on here and I'm not able to check daily. Please don't take it personally if I don't get to yours or overlook it!Greetings! My name is Miles (aka YoungHylianLad). I've been voice acting for fandubs for a few years now but am open to all types of projects! Thanks for listening and any consideration!

Discord: HylianLad
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Live Actor
Nonbinary, Hispanic (Mexican) and 24I have experience in traditional choir, voice over, and video/audio editing. Most recently using Adobe Creative Suite programs for company videos.I won the Arizona Voice Acting Guild's Sabakon 2017 voice over competition in the beginner female voice category!
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hello everyone. My name is Sounalius and I've recently gotten into voice acting as of 12/1/2019. 
I am the Founder and Director of Sounulus Entertainment: an independent private company currently developing a standalone game on Unreal Engine 5 dubbed "Project Otherworld". It is based off the experience of notable individuals in the former gamemode in Garry's Mod called "GFmod", and the major events that took place.
We expect to publicize our project roughly within the last quarter of 2024.
The future feels ambitious, and I am prepared to do my best.Thank you for reading.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
A theatre student with a love for creating story-telling magic, whether it be on or off the stage.

Hello there! I enjoy creating art whether it be through voice acting, stage managing, directing/producing, teaching, or putting a Let's Play together.  I am here for fun and experience, and I will put my all into your project. :)
My profile picture was created by PaintDemColors on DeviantArt/ Paint.jpeg on YouTube.
May peace be with you. :)
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Writer
I am a young adult male voice actor and digital artist, I have a naturally deep voice and enjoy expanding my range and exploring limitations. I am a Natural Midwestern American English speaker who offers a variety of vocal services including Character Voices, Narration, and Announcements.
I was born with Asperger's a form of High Functioning Autism ARTism, that gives me a unique perspective and way of thinking. My mind is always focused on helping to take your idea from concept to completion.
Accents: american
Voice Description: male young adult
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audacity fl studio
Here looking to improve my voice talents, and create epic projects in Dreams.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Writer
Hello! I'm Noah Johnson! (alias is Stump1090) I'm an American voice actor and game developer in the PS4 title Dreams! I've worked on several titles such as Dreams Arena, Lightfall, and more! I'm always open to doing voice work for anyone, just send me a message if you want my voice talent for whatever you're working on.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Skills and Interests: audacity basics
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
© 2020- 2021 Jordan Meadows Games All Rights Reserved.

This Video Game Company Develops Childhood Games, Fantasy Games, Horror Games, and More. I'm the Main Developer and Owner of the Company I'm looking for Some Video Game Crew, The Game Engine I use is Unity Engine because is Greater.

Sound Designing: If you have applied for this Company and Your Desire is to help us make for our Video Games which means Anywhere from Sound Effects to Music, then you have to show us how Good you are at Sound Designing and Programming for it to Work, Mr. Monst3r himself is a Co. Owner of Jordan Meadows Games and a Game Designer for this Company. If you have proved to us your Good at Sound Designing then DM our staff and we will let you know that you are Good to go. DM Mr. Monst3r for Extra Details about Applying for Sound Designing Team.

Voice Acting Team: Once You have applied fo...
Speaks: english
Accents: american
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: digital art game development
I make video games and speak into a microphone!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hello! My name is William Livingston! I'm a Voice Actor and the owner of an Indie Game Company, Double Down Games! I’m an adept, creative professional with hands-on experience in game concepting, scriptwriting, art direction, and promotion for engaging 2-D games.  In my leading role, I focus on outsourcing other creative artists. They provide character art, backgrounds, UI, music, and voice acting to promote the current project to obtain a fanbase and generate media buzz. With the collected assets, I’m responsible for meshing everything together to ensure it's aesthetically pleasing before proceeding with my other duties that involve scriptwriting and coding.

Speaks: english
pretty fly for a cacti
I am a Animator and Video Editor
I am a beginner animator/game coder, here to create, learn, and have fun. I can produce storyboards/animatics and have some experience with video editing as well. I also have a little experience with creating video games in GameMaker 2D, and am open to trying other software as well.
Please reach out to me if you have a project you think I could help out with!Youtube!Art Software: ProcreateCoding Software: GameMaker 2D (starting to learn Godot)
An amalgamation of many creative creation based talents and experiences. 
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
STRENGTHS: Brainstorming project conceptsMarketing conceptsCharacter concepts Creative writer  Interior designAmateur Game tester (I own a HP i3 intel core laptop and a Huion pen tablet) 
EXPERIENCES: Drawing 1 and 2 Painting 1 and 2 Graphic Design  Video Editing Fashion and Sewing
I was awarded medals and ribbons for the Wisconsin Visual Arts Classic Competition and a medal for the Wisconsin State Art Conference when I was a senior in high school. (though these awards are under my deadname)
Speaks: english
Professional Gamemaster with a background in theatre. I love portraying characters and want to develop that through voice acting too.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
I currently portray a variety of characters through my professional gamemaster service (D&D and other TTRPGs) and used to do so in theatre as well. I love the process of acting and want to expand my horizons to voice acting away from tabletop games.
I currently can do Australian (my natural accent) and maybe British accents—which understandably limits my reach but I want to see if I can flourish in that space.I am open to NSFW projects.
Speaks: english
Hail and well met fellow travelers! Just your friendly neighborhood nerd trying her hand at another creative outlet. I’m an author, film student, and artist who needs to be dabbling with a projects at all times to stay sane but y’know, at least I have fun doing it.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Even though I stared my first novel, officially, when I was fourteen, I’ve been a storyteller since I can remember. I’ve also always had an affinity for both acting and voice acting. So I might use this platform to participate in other people’s projects, as well as explore the vast internet wilds for talented folks looking to co-create with me.
Also, I’m in my second year of uni, so that’s a time constricting thing to keep in mind, but we’ll manage.

(Currently working on a podcast and videogame with some very incredible friends of mine, so I’m sure I’ll be on the lookout for fellow nerds to join the creative process soon.)
I'm just an independent freelance voice actress known for small roles like Glamrock Freddy in the Youtooz ads, Slime in TTIGTIAS Abridged, and King in Chaos King vs Asgore. I hope to meet new people and explore wonderous possibilities working with you all!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
She/They ((Transfem with a Masc Voice))
My names Reagan Jesus! I do fun Freelance voice work and work on my co-lead game Natures Wind. I just hope to meet new people and work together to get projects going! Cheers! Aspiring VA, Singer, Game Developer. Happy to work with people to make beautiful work!  ^v^