William Livingston

William Livingston

I make video games and speak into a microphone!

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About William Livingston

Hello! My name is William Livingston! I'm a Voice Actor and the owner of an Indie Game Company, Double Down Games! I’m an adept, creative professional with hands-on experience in game concepting, scriptwriting, art direction, and promotion for engaging 2-D games.  In my leading role, I focus on outsourcing other creative artists. They provide character art, backgrounds, UI, music, and voice acting to promote the current project to obtain a fanbase and generate media buzz. With the collected assets, I’m responsible for meshing everything together to ensure it's aesthetically pleasing before proceeding with my other duties that involve scriptwriting and coding.

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

I had an amazing time taking the Voice Acting 101 class! It helped me learn the fundamentals of voice-over work, such as pacing and breathing (very important)! It was thanks to this class that I landed my first paid role!