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I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
I am the creator of the mod Summerset Isle. I've worked on it since 2014 and currently it is available on Nexus.
I have worked with around 100 voice actors, and it is my favorite part of modding.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male young adult
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hello, I am a casual voice actor/singer who does youtube videos and other fan projects.
I am a Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
As of this moment I am but one man. I seek like minded people to aid me in my pursuit of entertainment. I do a fair amount of writing for anthro as well as non-anthro. Some of my content may seem satirical, because it is. I never blatantly attack anyone with the satire, it's just my sense of humor finding a way to entertain. It's one of the biggest reasons I do what I do.
I've been writing screenplays that never actually go to the next level for let's say about eight or nine years and I've had some test audiences give astounding approval of my methods though some of my plot devices could use work. I'm actually in the middle of reworking that aspect.
As for the name 'Ninth Life Inc', well its cat inspired as one could venture to guess but theres more. I've always had this childish thought that anyone or thing who has multiple chances at living will find that as they progress thro...
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: graphic designer
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
Well-seasoned creative specializing in film prod, imaginative writing, UX, voiceovers and digital character illustration.
With a huge passion for the tech that brings our projects to life, I love lending my voice to my work at Apple. I’m on a mission to learn how we create from the very best.

All works originate from my lovingly-crafted home studio, and range from voiceovers and music to rich visual storytelling and literary works.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Thanks for taking an interest in me! To summarise my natural voice; it is youthful and ideal to play young male roles. However I do have a diverse vocal range and I believe I can fulfil the shoes of a vast array of characters given the chance.
I’ve always been fascinated with the voice-over industry having spent a lot of my spare time watching animation and playing video games: I just love the fact that voice actors are able to breathe life and personality into characters, it’s just pure magic that I want to be a part of.
Why choose me?I’m always professional, dedicated and hardworking in every task I set my mind upon. I have a strict code of commitment to quality and will not rest until I’ve given my best performance to meet your needs. Rest assured, I am very dependable, honest and well organised; you will never be disappointed as my turnover is top notch!
Speaks: english
(He/Him) Drama, romance, action, the world is full of wonders.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Live Actor
Hello. I'm Ty! I'm an amateur voice actor whos just getting started! I'm 24 years old and have a background in theater, as well as voice work. I can bring out many kinds of voices from high to low, energetic to brooding. I also have intensive knowledge on sound design, so I can even modify my voice to fit your needs! What I will do: Basically anything within reason. Just shoot me a message and we can talk!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
Salut à tous ! C'est Super Wiindo ! ✨
En plus de faire des vidéos Nintendo sur l'internet, je porte un grand intérêt au domaine du doublage francophone depuis plusieurs années. Que cela soit de l'écouter ou d'interpréter un rôle. CCC est donc pour moi un bon moyen de d'auditionner pour plusieurs rôles.
Pour me contacter :Discord : superwiindoTwitter : @SuperWiindo
Speaks: french
Accents: belgian french
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Graphic Designer going into editing and VA work.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Director, and Producer
Hi! I'm Sebastian/NeonSeb, I'm a 17-year-old solo creator who creates primarily Roblox content!I'm striving to turn my imagination into reality!
Projects:"World's Worst Heroes" | Roblox Animated Project for 2024 UIL Film State Festival [](Discontinued) Nitro Season 1 | Roblox Animated Series - prefer to use discord as a way of communication!Discord User: NeonSeb#1241
Speaks: english
Hi, my name's Zach and I like to voice act in any projects I like! Mainly Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Persona, Final Fantasy, and Sonic Voice Over.
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
My name's Zachary Jabowski. I'm 29 and I've been voice acting since 2017. My range is mainly from Mid-to-High but I can also do a few deeper voices as well. I'm also a nerd and into a lot of different series!
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Director, and Producer
I'm just the editor.
Speaks: armenian
Voice Description: female young adult male adult
spica ⋆ minor ⋆ he/they ⋆ youtaite
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
hi there! my name is jace, though i generally go by spica for online projects, and i'm a 16 year old youtaite, voice actor, artist, mixer, animator, and cat cultist from sweden :]
i'm not the most active on ccc, but you will also be able to reach me through my discordhope to work with you soon!
*llsif card edit in pfp by me, matching with @tamiitaite 
editor + gfx artist // contact on discord!
I am a Artist and Video Editor
She/her MinorTiktok : amy.nationnDiscord : amyscandystash
I'm a Neurodivergent, 18 year old music producer with knowledge and experience with voice acting, directing, acting, graphic design and more.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Director, and Live Actor
First, My names CRAZYJOE2K on all Platforms for music but most people just call me CJ or Joe.
Second let's do the quick copy and paste-I'm a Neurodivergent,18 year old music producer with knowledge and experience with voice acting, directing, acting, graphic design and more. 
And now more stuff!
I went to a pretty neat 2 year Career and Tech school that gave me a whole bunch of skills. This school gave me experiences working with real company's for commercials, also gave me the chance to win an art award! I'm pretty much a melting pot of skills. I'm also really easy to talk to if you ever just wanna chat :).
Speaks: english
Setup: fl studio
Entertainment Studio
I am a Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
We are an independent entertainment studio that thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in storytelling & worldbuilding. Our creative focus spans across various mediums, including animations, immersive audio-dramas, stylized webcomics, and well-crafted audio-novels. We believe in the power of creativity to inspire, entertain, and encourage introspection, and we're searching for like-minded individuals to embark on this exciting journey with us.
Speaks: english
- Founder/Owner of Knights Kingdom Media
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor

Biography: Timothy Anton Yakoubek (born April 25th, 2006, in Park Ridge, Illinois, USA) is an American Director, Producer, and Writer. Timothy Yakoubek is best known for producing several Audio Drama projects under Knights Kingdom Media, which he is the Founder and Studio Head/CEO of. Such as his first, Batman: Temptation (2023).
Speaks: english
Warten Weg | Trusted Design Solutions
I am a Video Editor and Writer
Lindani L Thango, known professionally as Warten Weg, is a South African native passionate about Graphic Design and Writing. With a creative spirit deeply rooted in the diverse and vibrant culture of South Africa, Weg brings a unique perspective to both the visual and written aspects of his work.His journey into Graphic Design and Writing began as a fervent exploration of the arts, starting with an innate talent for visual communication and an early love for storytelling. Weg's fusion of design elements with compelling narratives reflects his cultural heritage and resonates with audiences across diverse platforms.Weg's Graphic Design expertise goes beyond the usual, including new design ideas to generate visually appealing information. His narratives have a depth that fascinates and inspires, thanks to a genuine passion for the written word. Every project completed is woven with a tap...
Speaks: english
PFP by @crys8710 on discord !!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Director
- VA | Artist | Writer | Director -ABOUT ME(She/Her) Emmie Duong (more commonly known as Toast) is a seventeen-year-old high school student that enjoys compiling videos, illustrating, writing, and performing both onstage and online.YEARS OF EXPERIENCEDrawing: 9 Years
Video Editing: 7 Years
Writing: 7 Years
Performing: 5 Years
Voice Acting: 11 MonthsEQUIPMENT:Microphone: TONOR TC30 USB MicrophoneRecording / Drawing Software: Audacity / ProcreateRecording / Drawing Device: Apple iMac 24” / iPad Pro
Speaks: english