17 / fem / meduim - high / dancer / singer / intermediate actor 

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About Sophie!!

updating soon!!


$1 per line please!! <3 Willing to negotiate:)

What Sophie!! is looking for

I’m willing to voice in anything except for NSFW projects. I will decline any NSFW. No exceptions. Please before messaging me about your project, give me details such as . . .

- Which character will I be voicing?

- Would you like me to audition? Or will I be given a character?

- What are the rates?

- Paid or Unpaid?  

- Plot/Summary Of Project

- Project Franchise/Type 

  • @deleted433613

    In the time that I’ve known Berrii, I consider her as a grat voice actress. She is really dedicated on her auditions and puts all her efforts on them. She is able to do many different voice tones. If you see one of her auditions on your project, make sure to check her other auditions too, in this way, you may be able to get the perfect pitch for your character.

  • @whitegxlaxy

    She gives her audios so nicely without any background noise! I might have cancelled my series, but i still think you should really consider her if she auditions! Her voice is just- Mwah!

  • @lavendersky

    I auditioned for one of her VA series. She is such a great voice actor. She can change her voice to match the character and always seems to be able to slip into her character! She has an awesome voice and I just love her voice acting >///< Her range is extraordinary and she has so many different tones that she can pull off. Aside from her talent and hard work as a voice actor, she is also an extremely friendly person. Her channel is always a place of positivity and I'm sure that if you include her in your series/work, she'll be able to bring her shining personality to the group!

  • @darling-donutcat

    she is an amazing VA and a friend

  • @mattieas

    Kezkit is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !! Their work for me given in the short time period was beautiful and of extremely good quality. The way they portrayed my persona 'Whitty' was so amazing, and outstanding. I can't wait to work with them again, since they are a beloved friend of mine. Please consider hiring Kezkit, their work is astonishing, and they are capable of handing in their lines before the due date, absolutely fantastic !

  • @addison_angel

    they have proven to be very kind and responsible well working on my project. As well as dedicated and reliable. 

  • @addievlog

    I have known Kellie, since the time I started my team. She is a very very UNDERRATED Voice actress ! I would literally give her any main lead cast for the talent she has! As her director in work aspects, I can say she is very professional, she sends the quality work which I expect every time! 

    She is also a very friendly person in fact! And I would love to work with her with any projects I would create ! Looking forward towards her growth! I surely recommend you to hire her with the experience and dedication she has. 

  • @miilktea

    Working with Soapy was great! She delivered the audio quickly and the quality was good too! I really enjoyed working with them and would love to work together again!

  • @silliedottie

    As of now I've known Kellie for 3 years and I can say that every project they've been in has been extremely well done, and she's very fun to be around and work with. 

  • @dilactic

    My oh my, where do I even start!? I know we're just friends but that'll make this more straightforward of me, Soappii has some extroadinary talent! Her vocal range is quite remarkable, but her emotion output is outrageously realistic! It's something you'd see in action films or just anything wonderful at that. Her microphone is as clear as glass, not even fog would stain it. Noneteless, Soappii is both a talented voice actress but a VERY generous and outgoing friend! She'll spice up any chatroom she steps in! Who knows, you having her on your project would totally be a blast! Making the best team to ever cease to exist! Hope you consider having her in your team, I would.


  • @natumeee

    We worked on a project together that hasnt been released quite yet but it was a fun short project that we both had a good time working on. Not only is Sophi my friend but shes also an amazing voice actor and has so much potential.