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Hello!! I mostly try to focus on stuff like really energetic characters, but taking a chance with more calm characters isn't something I'm against. Please hmu if my voice impresses you!!


  • @itzbeth

    Ari is amazing friend and her voice is so good

  • @sophkellie

    Their voice is really soothing!! I love it. We’ve voiced in projects before and it’s honestly been a pleasure. She’s both dedicated AND sweet when it comes to voice acting and working together. They’re a great friend and voice actor <3

  • @miaforever

    I have known Ari for 6 months, and since i've met her the first thing that I noticed was her voice, it's really soothing and beautiful to listen to and thats just her regular voice, her voice acting is beautiful and she's dedicated to whatever project she has. She will make it her priority, she's a very hard worker and throughout the time I've been with her, she only keeps working harder towards her goal. Ari is an amazing person, and an amazing voice actor so if your thinking to hire someone who can show their expressions through voice acting and is nice, sweet, and funny Ari is the one for you!
    -her really hot friend, Mia

  • @chadblaster

    yo mama

  • @Rinzez

    Dot is so sweet! ive only known her for a little while but she is very engaging and fun to talk to! she's very hardworking and actively seeking more roles to get more experience, her voice is super unique and I love the spin she puts on characters. Her take on Tia safalin completely changed my view on the character! I never even thought about the character sounding like that but once I heard her rendition it worked perfectly, anyways. all around a very cool person who's lots of fun to work with! <3