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About Lavender

Hi! I'm Lavender, an amateur voice actor and singer that's hoping to get better! 

⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Basic Information ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

Name: Lavender

Age: 13+ (but still a minor)

Pronouns: She/Her

⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Experience ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

I’ve been a bit on and off with my voice acting auditions and stuff! I tend to take breaks after auditioning for a few (or more) projects! Though within this gap, if there are projects that I have been cast for, I definitely continue working for them, I just don’t audition for any new projects!

I’m still an amateur voice actor and singer as I am DEFINITELY not a professional. Voice acting and singing are more hobbies that I find joy in rather than a job or something I plan on chasing professionally (for now). I have a small slice of experience, being cast into a bunch of projects. It’s a shame that most of them have been discontinued or on pause TwT but I do have lots of fun with voice acting! 

Experience with music, in general, includes being in my school’s chorus for around 3 years (before the pandemic). I was also in an orchestra for around 3 years and still take private lessons for the violin. I played the piano for a short while, though did pause my lessons temporarily as I wanted to spend more time on the violin.

I had originally started in the August of 2019, but took a super long break immediately after. I picked up the hobby again mid-November of 2020 (when the pandemic was in full force) and paused again at the start of February of 2021, both due to personal reasons and being cast into projects. 

I will attach a document of the projects I have been cast into soon, in case you want to check that out!

 ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Skills ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

I primarily use CCC for voice acting and singing opportunities, but I also enjoy writing and drawing! I can edit audio and videos a bit but am definitely no expert, so I’d prefer not to partake in those kinds of roles for projects, as I’d hate to mess a project up. 

However, if you need a writer or an artist, I’d love to help! Just send me a message! I lean more towards the writing side of those two, but I can draw as well! Honestly, it just depends on what you’re trying to get me to do, and I’ll give it my all to help you and your project succeed!  

 ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Socials ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

I use a variety of social media! Feel free to reach me out on any of the following platforms if you need me! 

CCC: @lavendersky 

Email: clariixi(

Instagram: @lavender_302

I may add more links as time goes by, so keep an eye out! 

 ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Pricing ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

As aforementioned, I am not a professional, rather an enthusiast of voice acting and singing. I usually participate in projects for fun, since I’m not formally trained in singing or voice acting. For this reason, I usually turn down payment if offered or just audition for nonprofit/no-pay projects. Maybe sometime in the future, if I feel like I’m good enough to actually receive money for my work, I’ll set something up. But for now, I just do this for free and for fun!

(I also don’t have a PayPal or Venmo or anything like that set up but shhh, we don’t mention that :3)

 ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Interests ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

I am interested in a lot of things! I am currently just looking for projects that actually plan on being carried out (since I’ve been cast into WAY too many projects that have been canceled in the end). I’m down for nearly any project, whether it be for a fandub, for an animation series (Gacha or not), or an original video game!

What I will NOT do is anything NSFW or any adult content, so please don’t ask for that, since I will definitely refuse to partake in it.

 ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹  Conclusion ⊹˚❅₊∘∗☽⋄⁺❆⋆❆⁺⋄☾∗∘₊❅˚⊹

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading my profile! I hope I’ve answered any questions you’ve had, but if not, feel free to DM or message me about anything! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have any tips or constructive criticism for me, I will gladly take it, as I am looking to get better! Thank you for your support!

Have a wonderful day and remember to stay safe and take care of yourself!

  • @sophkellie

    Lavender is an EXTREMELY underrated and talented voice actress. She shows emotion and dedication in her limes. She gets her lines done as soon as possible. Yet they’re not rushed. Along with being a talented voice actress, her personality is great too. She’s incredibly sweet! I’m glad to be working with her.