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About addievlog

✧.。. *. Hey! Welcome to my CCC account ^^

I'm Addie, feel free to call me as Avo or Su-ah too! 
About me - 
I'm the creator of team euphoria, a gacha animation studio team! 
My projects include - 

a) The Red Kimono ( on progress )
b) Euphoric Academy ( opening soon! ) 
c) True destinies ( started! ) 

Basic Information - 
From : Asia
Age : 15, soon to be 16 
My hobbies : Voice acting, animating and creating projects ! 
Aspiration : I want to become a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon haha! 
But also a content creator + producer <333
Can speak - English, Native Language , Korean, Hindi, Japanese 

Social Media 
Instgram - @addievlog or @avokiiz