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  • @sir-samgrace

    lunafreya was always a name I had seen around. A person who auditioned for roles I had auditioned for as well, someone I’d see in my notifications for being cast as something- I had admired her work for as long as she’d been on the website. Once I’d met her, though, I was able to see that not only she was a great actor, she was also an extremely friendly person. Anyone can get along with her, really. With a great range and acting skills, she’s a must have for any project.

  • @andy-liang

    I am lucky enough to both work with Luna in several projects as well as having been cast by Luna in one of her projects. Luna is an incredibly talented voice over artist, who can portray an wide range of dynamics and emotion flawlessly. She is also incredibly professional when working as a director, making sure to keep in touch with her VAs and communicating he production process with her crew the entire way through. Luna also provides a kind and warming personality that is easy to not only get along with, but is a pleasure to work alongside and for.

  • @voltage1202

    Luna worked with me in a live recording session and was absolutely fantastic with her ability to provide appropriate sounding lines. She was receptive to compliments and criticism and able to adapt to new changes to direction in a very seamless manner. Furthermore, she was confident, prepared, and professional and was and an excellent addition to the project. I would absolutely recommend Luna to others who are looking for a variety of female characters, and will more than likely return to her for future work.

  • @zacaro

    I've enjoyed working alongside Luna as a fellow VA and have had a pleasant experience while doing so. Luna is consistently on the lookout to find roles and continue her voice-over talent and is dedicated to her craft. She had a great voice to work with and can encapsulate a notably wide range of a character's emotions and nuances. Not to mention, she's friendly, open, and easy to approach. Count on her to be a great addition to your project!

  • @deleted320085

    I worked on an episode of G Gundam ABRRIDGED with Luna and I was so impressed with her ability to voice multiple characters and make them sound totally distinct from one another. She has great acting skills, a wonderful sense of comedy and overall is a very impressive talent. I hope to work with her again in future! Great job Lunafreya!

  • @adamnew

    Luna was one of the first VA friends I made when getting into the community. Beyond being an extremely talented voice actress, she is a very sweet person who I always enjoy working and talking with. She makes any projects she's in exponentially better by her presence.

  • @aalice

    Luna/Cat is an amazing voice actress to work with. She has a wide skill set that she does not hesitate to use in any of her projects. I've worked with her enough to know she has a passion for voice acting and a talent to share. She's very warm and professional when working with others and makes everyone feel like a vital part of the team. I love any chances I get to work with Luna/Cat because I know she'll bring her all.

  • @willfpf

    Luna's talent cannot be understated. She is an extremely hard working and dedicated performer, capable of playing a multitude of parts from every genre. Each performance gives a completely unique character and voice unlike anything else you've ever seen. Her distinct voice and unique performances will surely make any project significantly better, and I cannot recommend it enough. Luna is a good person and a good friend, and her positivity and great work ethic can be seen from the first day you work with her.

  • @notoriousdogfight

    Miss Luna is an incredibly talented, versatile actress with quite a few notable projects under her belt! She has the kind of voice you would hear on television and radio and can even do other impressions to fit your character. She is very expressive with her acting and is incredibly amicable with her other cast mates. She's someone I look up to as what to do for the voice over business, and is also incredibly experienced in her field. If you need an amazing voice with a professional work ethic, look no further!

  • @cryshulvo

    Luna is the up-and-coming voice of this decade! She is so easy to get along with and works extremely hard at everything she does. You will not be disappointed in her work if you cast her. Also, if you get the chance to work alongside her you will be very pleased to work with such a wonderful and talented person!

  • @toxicure

    Lunafreya is excellent at putting her own spin on lines, making them come to life instead of being flat on a script. She is quick, accurate and breaths so much life into the lines she is given. She has a very bright career ahead of her and I can not wait to see what wonderful work she will do in projects you cast her in.