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    About Xenosaga: The Abridged

    UPDATE!! KOS-MOS has been added! She's at the very bottom; sorry for the inconvenience of that xD

    And for those who didn't or don't check the updates. Here's a link to the second casting call page for episodes 2-6 characters:

    So if the character you want isn't on this page, check that out, and they're likely to be there!! :DD

    Exactly what it sounds like! This is going to be an abridged series of "Xenosaga: The Animation"! 

    We've got the script for episode 1 already completed, and we need voices! That's where you come in! There's a plethora of main and side characters; but know that this casting call post is only for characters that appear in episode 1, so there are certainly more to come! 
    (most of the main cast do not appear until future episodes, we'd just like to get these ones out of the way so we can get started, and then we'll cast for people like Jr., MOMO, Ziggy, etc. later on!)

    We have two episodes with complete scripts and some scenes of the next few thought out! See the link above for the other characters!

    General things you need!

    We'd like to have good quality audio! It doesn't need to be perfect or professional, but the better the quality audio, the better it'll be for your chances to get chosen(though for this I'm going for pure skill on portraying our abridged versions of the characters!)

    Be dedicated! I'm not sure how often we'll be doing the episodes. Likely once a month or something, I'm not very fast with editing, and it's my first abridged series, but I do have some help with it! :) so hopefully, if casting goes quickly enough, we can really get this moving!

    Be punctual! When I give a deadline for lines, I'd like it to be followed. A day or two late is usually fine, but a week late or more and I might have to re-cast, no hard feelings, I just need to make sure we can get these out in a timely manner! Besides, the series is only 12 episodes... ; u ; please don't make me have to have a new Shion every episode... D;

    Have skype! This is an optional point, but getting to know the other actors/actresses, talk things through, maybe even do read-throughs of parts of the script together! It can all help a lot with your acting! Also it's always fun to make friends! If you don't have skype though, at least have an e-mail that I can contact you with, so I can get lines from you and such! :)

    Have fun! Last but not least... If you don't think you'll enjoy this for whatever reason, I'd rather not have an audition. ; n ; this isn't professional by any means, and you won't be getting paid, so why not just have some fun with it! Me and my crew are having loads of fun already! :D Hopefully you will, too!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold