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    About Witchcakes [Animated Pilot]


    ‘Witchcakes’ is an original animated series about Mallory Elm, a human who accidentally uncovers the supernatural world after a misunderstanding at a bakery. Now employed by a bunch of oddball witch bakers, she must navigate the supernatural world alongside her new friends.
    Each episode, the cast of 5 witches must complete an order for a magical customer- whether delivering to exotic locations, questing for rare ingredients, or dealing with particularly difficult clients, they are always going on new adventures and meeting supernatural creatures of all shapes and sizes- all while they compete against the new bakery across the street, run by a trio of cunning vampires, whose presence threatens their business.

    I can't wait to hear your auditions, though I have a few notes to add before you audition! If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through PMs here on CastingCall!


    "Will I get paid?"
    Short answer: Unfortunately, no. Long answer: Possibly at a later date! Once the storyboard is done, I am hoping to kickstart the project and raise funds for it. Included in these funds will be money to compensate the voice actors involved. However, this is NOT CONCRETE and the project may not get to this stage, or the project may not get funded, so please just consider this job as an unpaid one!

    "How much work is the voice acting?"
    For minor roles there is not a lot of dialogue, so it won't take much time at all, so these roles are perfect for beginners and/or those who don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the project! However for the main roles, a lot more work will be required- possibly an hour/several hours of voice acting depending on the character, how many lines of dialogue they have, and how many redos are needed for lines. It really depends!

    "How do I know this project will work out? Is it worth my time?"
    If I am completely honest, I do not know if the project will work out, as complications can arise in any project. I can't 100% promise you that it will get fully made. However I have worked on it for a long time and have a talented team behind me, and we are going to try our best to make this show a reality!

    "How big is the team working on this project?"

    We currently have a team of 5 storyboard artists/concept artists, 4 writers, and 1 musician. However, we plan to expand that number in the future! We have many people interested in joining the team who applied, but we wanted to keep the group small and manageable to start with!

    "There's no picture for this character?!"

    The reason that some of the roles don't currently have pictures is either

    A) No fully drawn icon has been made for that character yet, or

    B) The character's design hasn't been finalized yet.

    Pictures will hopefully be coming soon!

    "Where will 'Witchcakes' be posted?"

    Witchcakes will be posted on Youtube!


    * Please have a decent microphone/audio! No low-quality audio please!

    * The episode itself will run from 15-20 minutes, so if you are applying for one of the main 5 roles, please know that there will most likely be a fair amount of dialogue!

    * Be committed to the role! Please make sure to complete your dialogue by the deadlines- though these won't be for quite a while so there's no rush at all!

    * Please realize that you may need to redo lines at times!

    * Please be able to send voice recordings over email. Having a Discord to communicate with the team is also a huge plus, but not mandatory.

    * Character designs and dialogue are subject to change!

    * Main roles might have some singing!

    * The script is still being revised and refined, so the final script may not be available for a little while. Please know that the final project WILL take a long time to complete- however, myself and the team will try our best to complete Witchcakes and make this show the best it can be!

    * Have fun! We can't wait to have you on the Witchcakes team!

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