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  • @dhvo

    I know what it's like to be a director and an actor alongside Ruka. From a director's standpoint, she's like that student that always gets it in a classroom. She's the actress that delivers a clear, crisp, and professional performance every time. Her humility shines through her willingness to adapt to direction. As an actor, working with her inspires me to do my best. Her acting ability makes it easier to frame each scene and make it sound natural. Don't hesitate to cast this actress - period." - Darrell Harris (Director/Actor)

    Role in linked project: Psylocke

  • @bmarlo

    I cast Ruka in a Star Wars Comic Fan voice Dub. She played the role of a female Jedi Padawan. Her professionalism shone through, in how she delivered her lines way before deadline, and provided multiple takes for each sentence of dialogue. Not to mention how she totally nailed the characters emotional ups and downs, and knew when to throw in a sarcastic tone as well. I wouldn't hesitate to cast Ruka again, as I know she would be an asset to any project she was involved in. Thank you Ruka, for making my job an easy one.

  • @violet-dev-team

    What a delight to work with! Ruka's voice is beautiful and clear, perfect for our casting of the Sugar Plum Fairy in a dating-sim adaptation of the Nutcracker. We especially loved the musical tone she brought to Fae's character - absolutely perfect for a fairy. Her delivery is perfect, and she responds quickly to any and all feedback!