Welcome To The Dreamscape

Welcome To The Dreamscape

Project Overview

The future has come, and an experimental psychiatric company has invented a new method of therapy, Dreamscape Therapy. Through the use of new VR technology, they can now allow you to simulate your own dreams, giving you full consciousness inside of them, but are you ready to discover what your dreams hold? Good luck, and welcome to the Dreamscape!

Welcome To The Dreamscape is a story driven, first person, puzzle game about trying to learn about your past through your own dreams, but, not all is as it seems.  Journey through the amazingly odd world of your own mind and piece together your story.  Game-play involves mostly puzzle solving and narrative, but there are hints of combat and stealth as well.

There is currently a demo publicly available for free HERE on itchio, and HERE on GameJolt.


  1. 1. You must have a high quality microphone.  Any pops, clicks, fuzz, or background noise will greatly hinder your chances of getting the part.

  2. 2. You must have the ability to send you audio in high quality .wav files at the highest kbps possible.

  3. 3. Our main method of communication will be email, so if you get the part, we recommend that you have email notifications turned ON so that you don't miss any messages from us.

  4. 4. This may sound cliche, but have fun!  When an actor actually enjoys their role, the recordings are often noticeably better than if they don't enjoy it!. 

If you'd like to see trailers for this game and our previous game, feel free to check out our FYRE Games YouTube channel HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to private message me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Good luck, happy auditioning, and have a great day!

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Latest Updates

  • Second Auditions Have Started!

    I'd just like everyone to know that the second round of auditions have started. All of the voice actors have been contacted. If you have not been contacted, don't feel discouraged. Many of you are fantastic voice actors who have promising futures, but your voice may just have not fit the character. Thank you all, and best wishes from us at FYRE Games! Have a great day! - Conner Rush of FYRE Games
  • Thank you for auditioning!

    Hi everyone! I'd just like to thank everyone who auditioned for parts in my game Welcome To The Dreamscape. As I previously mentioned, for the role of Mysterious Enemy, I will be contacting you privately to ask for a second round of auditions. It's going to be difficult to choose the group to do extra auditions because of how great they all were, so if you're not contacted, don't be discouraged. We're only picking a very small amount of people. Again, thank you so much, and good luck with all future auditions! - Conner Rush of FYRE Games
  • We will be doing a second round of auditions!

    Hi everybody! Conner Rush from FYRE Games here to tell everyone that we will be doing a second round of auditions. We have received so many fantastic auditions, and because of that, we're stuck between a few people so far. After this audition period ends on August 05, we will private message a select number of you to do a second audition to get the final role. Thank you everybody for your auditions, and and good luck with this, and any future roles! - Conner Rush of FYRE Games
  • There is a new role currently open!

    Hi everybody! Conner Rush from FYRE Games here! I'm messaging everybody to let them know that I recently added a new role to the game that is now open for auditions! The role is for the computer A.I. That will speak whenever the player uses the computer. We're looking for a female voice of any age or accent to audition. If you know anyone who would be interested, be sure to tell them to check it out! Thank you everyone who has auditioned so far, and have a great day! - Conner Rush of FYRE Games.
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Mysterious Enemy
Role assigned to: LAWebley

This character, which I'm referring to as "Mysterious Enemy" as to not give away what he's reveled to be, is a strange being that follows the play and often gives cryptic messages.  His voice is very deep and menacing with a slight English accent and a somewhat slow delivery.  Think of almost a James Earl Jones-type.  A near perfect example of what I'm looking for is the Beast from the miniseries Over the Garden Wall.  You can watch a scene of the Beast HERE.  Minor ad-libs are welcomed, but don't stray too far from the lines that are given.

  • *Menacing Chuckle* Stay there, come here... It doesn't matter at the least.  No matter what you do, I'll still remain.

  • Enough of that.  We don't need any pesky interruptions.  I've waited far too long for this moment.

  • Are you happy with your decisions?  Are you proud of what you thought was right?

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Computer A.I.
Role assigned to: aimeesmithva

This character honestly doesn't have any intentions as far as voice goes.  I'm not intending to make the voice sound at all robotic.  It's just a prerecorded voice that plays over the computer.  This character is simply a voice that plays when the player is using the computer.  Do whatever voice you feel will fit.  

  • Please enter your command.

  • System online.

  • Critical error.  Virus detected.


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