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    About Voice actors wanted for an original animation pilot "4U"

    Lads and ladies~! This is a project I've been writing for a while now and have finally finished a script and storyboard for. Hope you like aliens, monsters, robots and adventurous shenanigans~

    The storyline in it's simplist form can be summed up as... In an alternate timeline set in the year 2047, North America now has a totalitarian government and is invading the rest of the planet as well as moving on to others to claim for the S.I. Empire (USA is now SI). Well, you can't try to create a cruel empire without at least a few not being too down with it all. The story follows a band of both humans and aliens, all with a unique set of skills to slowly take back what the SI took one small bit at a time. This pilot follows just one of those missions to see just what its like for those running the show and the determined band of humans, monsters & aliens trying to turn the tables.

    Try out for anyone you want but this is a big project and I want it to be as high a quality as possible, so auditions that have static, odd breathing, any kinda background noise or something that makes the audition sound anything but crystal clear wouldn't be preferable.

    There will be no bias towards casting choices. People who know me and those that don't all have equal chances of getting a role and will be chosen on voice alone.

    But with all that said, check out the avaliable roles and even if you don't audition, maybe have a look and help me pick the best ones~

    Also, don't stress too much about pronunciations. The main focus is the voice at this point.

    - Voice actors must have a discord account as that will be the main method of keeping contact with everyone.

    (side note: the characters are rough sketches I shot out to give a base idea for what the character will look like to give potential actors at least some kinda visual to go from when auditioning. These designs are susceptible to change either a little or a lot. The art shown doesn't reflect the final product. Not all are there right now but I'll update them soon~ The final product will look waaaaay better and of a MUCH higher quality, trust.)

    Auditions will go on until a voice for each character has been chosen. Ignore the audition closing date.

    Progress and animation updates as well as the final project will be posted here -->

    This project is gunna be amazing~! But it could be even better with your help even if you aren't auditioning to be a voice actor~! If you dabble with any of the following...
    - Animation (3D (texturing not necessary))
    - Colourist (colouring the frames, shading, making it pretty)
    - Sound mixing/music design etc.
    - Even just art, not just animation but general art~
    Hit me up with a message and we'll take it from there. :D Not any of the following? Well bucko, you're still in the clear~! This project is completely funded by the one and only me and I just finished me degree so you can bet I have a steady income (plot twist, I don't). Meaning I could use your help on my shiny patreon page~!

    --> https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4011453

    Even the smallest donation would do me a world of good~! :D

    Any questions~? Wanna come say hi~? I now have a community Discord server for anyone to jump into~ :D

    --> https://discord.gg/Q6kMRU3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold