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About MasonW

My name is Mason Wong, and I love voicing characters!

My natural tone of voice is perfect for younger adults or teens, but I also do voices for creatures, cute or foul.

I also enjoy singing, and  "Never Gonna Give You Up" is unironically my go to song. While I'll never be a pop-star tenor, I can pull of a great baritone and sing "I did it My Way".

I believe in having a sense of professionalism, while also having a good time!

Need a voice for your project? Let's talk and share a few laughs!

Demos & Samples

Horror Movie Trailer

A trailer for a fictional horror film called "The Stupid Man". Written, recorded, and edited by myself

Evil Character Demo Reel

Sinister, chaotic, intimidating, or quirky, evil has many flavors.

Detention Club - Audio Sample

Four kids stuck in detention. I do all the voices. I am essentially talking to myself.

Girl's Detention Room

Stuck at a girl's detention room 

  • @lizzyrenee

    Mason is both enthusiastic and dedicated to the characters he plays. From the beginning, he provided a voice that perfectly suited the character with a hint of humor that befitted the source material. The voices he creates are very iconic; I think I'll always associate the voice he provided with this character because his grasp of the character was so well done. Mason is a delight to work with and I would recommend him to anybody.

  • @carabyte

    Mason performed in a supporting role in my audio drama. Super talented, he gave exactly the kind of performance I envisioned for the part he had. Great at keeping up with deadlines. Couldn't recommend him more.