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    About Vicboys - Datingsim set in the Victorian Age

    Vicboys is an upcoming datingsim set in Victorian England. You’ll play as a young woman whose arrival causes a great stir in the village of Vicville

    The game follows the protagonist over a period of 1 year, as she attempts to find herself a suitable husband. During this time she’ll encounter a rich variety of characters from different social classes who all play their own part in her story. While Vicboys takes place in the Victorian era, a time period build on high moral standards, you can still expect lots of humour and playful mockery of its genre.

    Why we decided to hold auditions
    Vicboys is developed by Sakubaka, an indie game studio founded by two game art students from the Netherlands. Since we’re both still in school, we work on our game in our spare time. We're hoping to release Vicboys commercially on steam once it's finished. These past months we've been receiving a lot of questions regarding voice acting. Even though it would be amazing to feature voice acting in our game, we couldn’t overlook how difficult it would be for us to achieve this within our small budget. But recently we received several messages of voice actors who offered their services to us as a volunteer. It made us realise there are more people out there who want to expand their portfolio with projects like this. That's why we are currently holding an open call for Voice actors. We aim to put all the voice actors in the spotlight they deserve and try to make it a project worthwhile to work on!

    Things to keep in Mind
    Vicboys is set in the Victorian Age. So we’ll be looking for British voice actors or people who can pull off a British accent

    We have a wide set of over 25 characters, from young children to old people. 

    It’s a commercial project.

    We can only offer you full credit and experience. Of course, you will also receive a copy of the game upon release. (Any other payment methods like an exchange of services can be discussed.)

    The sprites will be revealed after de demo. Once you get cast you will be able to see the whole sprite and we’ll send you more background information on the character(s).


    We know it says "CLOSED: Cast to offsite actor" on every character profile. And we can't seem to change that without reopening the roles. But we'd like to make clear that's NOT the case. We still need time to make a final decision and to contact everyone, of course. So make sure to check your private messages or email!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold