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Asia Sanchez 2016-2017 Demo Reel

For my demo reel, I tried to choose clips which showed some of my range in pitch, accent, and emotion. Thank you for listening!

2018 Demo Reel

This longer demo includes more character work with longer stretches of dialogue for each. A few of the clips from my 2017 demo are included, as they now have the background sound as added by the producers. Just a couple of notes: 1) In the clips with the kids, I am playing both the boy and the girl. 2) The noise in the final clip is from a waterfall in the game (Skyrim: The Forgotten City mod)

  • @deleted435137

    I have worked with this voice actress and she did a great job. Easily wins my seal of approval.

    Though the mic quality could be improved.

  • @lionblade97

    she helped me with a Disney cross over audio she really talented and very nice to work with i wood differently have her back on a audio sometime