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About Valerie's rest audio series (Ongoing, Episode 3 & 4)

Project Description:
This project is an effort to turn some games of a tabletop RPG called "Golden sky stories" into a series of audio stories, this is a direct acted version of the events that have taken place in the games and thus includes no out of character banter. Currently we have run a game every fortnight so hopefully, we can find some reasonably quick and talented voice actors to create episodes of an audio story fairly regularly.

Here is a link to something I've previously done in this format, it should be very similar in the end.
We may also make a downloadable audio file

Previous appearance of Valerie's rest:
This is also the continuation of a short kinetic novel simply titled "Valerie's rest" which is the true first game I ran, but everything will still make sense from where we begin with the audio story as a second alternate opening has been introduced following different protagonists.

A forum post about the original kinetic novel can be found here, there are also links to download it for free
Windows/PC, Macintosh, and on the google play store

Explanation of the setting:
Golden sky stories takes place in a small, safe, peaceful town in the Japanese countryside (in my specific games it may be more of a blend of Japanese and western culture, wildlife, etc) it is set a few decades ago back before smartphones and any sort of mobile is considered quite new and noteworthy. There is technology around like photocopiers and television but it is not quite as advanced as it is now. People would still write letters, and people may spend their weekends having a picnic once in a while and people generally know each other pretty well

Story description:
The story follows a group of "Henge", supernatural animals capable of taking human form for brief periods of time, they also have a small range of other little powers. These Henge go on little adventures about town helping others, making friends, and usually heading home happy at the end of the day.

Episode Summaries
Episode 1 (Script): The henge go in search of a little girl who got lost at a festival
Episode 2 (Script): The henge come across the ghost of a little girl and help resolve her final wish
Episode 3: Someone has been taking people's mail and leaving riddles behind, the henge set out to solve this mystery
Episode 4: Two of the henge encounter a dryad while searching for a man lost in the woods, they befriend the lonely dryad
Episode 5: An eccentric girl drags one of their friends off to a supposedly haunted house, hijinks ensue
Episode 5.5: A short silly mini-episode about a young boy's predicament when Lupin decides to latch onto his face and not let go
Episode 6: Looking for Reiko's lost plushie leads to an encounter with a scary "scissor giant", who turns out to be quite nice
Episode 7: The henge help a girl called Misaki trick Devious Baxter into confessing that he was responsible for messing with her photoshoot
Episode 8: The Henge take shelter from heavy rain with Yume, they end up keeping each other company during the gloomy weather
Episode 9: Haruto and his friend try to befriend a transfer student who avoids them, the henge try to find out why
Episode 10: The henge learn about money and the value of working while they help a girl make up with an angry cake shop owner
Episode 11: Tama and Brie help a little girl and her friend find their older sister to get to the bottom of a strange rumor that "boys are poisonous"
Episode 12: The henge try to help a sad Miho who's worried about her depressed mother by helping her find a statue mentioned in popular rumors about solving problems

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