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About Undertale: the Narrator's Musical

So yeah, I know that Man on the Internet has done their Undertale musical, and they have done a PHENOMENAL job with it.  Though I do adore it, I then got an idea to do this one, because it has one primary aspect that MotI's doesn't: incorporating the Narrator Chara theory. (Also story arc expansion and several Arc Words, but we'll get to that later. ;))

It follows the story of the True Pacifist Route, though with the Narrator Chara theory implemented, so some of the parts that has Frisk walking alone in the game will have conversations between Frisk and Chara, many of them musical numbers. There will be a total of 48 songs in this musical.

And because the concept of SAVE files and resetting comes up in Undertale, even in True Pacifist, the concept of the Player as a controlling entity that Sans calls the Anomaly will come up into play as well—which includes the Anomalies getting songs of their own that they share with Frisk and Chara.

Now, rules time!

1. . You can sing acapella or with a backing track, and a sample of at least 10 seconds would be sufficient. That way I can get a good idea of how your voice would sound as the character and staying on good pitch and rhythm with the song.

2.  This project will be long-term, so make sure you're willing to stay committed to it!

3. If there are any fan-artists who would be willing to do art for the various songs and the play as a whole (as animation is very difficult though if you want to do animation be my guest!), feel free to inform me! (My email is joystarproductions at 

4. Have a good quality mic if possible—on movie/musical soundtracks the voices sound clear when people sing, and I want that to come through as well for this. :)

5. Any song you sing is good, though if you have trouble thinking of one I'll happily put up some lyric samples of the songs I've written for the musical.  I have a few of the lyrics here, plus context, plus demos. ;) 

6. There are a couple songs in the musical that I've written myself (as in, not based strictly around an Undertale song though incorporating leitmotifs), but the only composing program I have to work with is Garageband (which is basic) and I'm not too experienced with that. So if anyone's good at composing background music I'd love to have your assistance! :)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold