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About Tokyo Babylon (Manga Dub)

Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Drama (TV-14 rating for blood, violence, dark themes)

Tokyo Babylon is the prequel manga to "X/1999". It focuses on the story of Subaru Sumeragi, an onmyouji (spiritual medium), his sister Hokuto, and their friend, Seishirou Sakurazuka.
Set just before the year 1999 in Japan. Subaru battles against evil spirits, sometimes with help from his friend Seishirou. Seishirou, who keeps up the appearance of being a veterinarian, is in truth the Sakurazukamori, an assassin onmyouji who works in the shadows, unbeknownst to Subaru. Near the end of the manga, Seishirou's true identity is revealed to Subaru, with devastating consequences for him and his sister, Hokuto.

Edit: I'll wait until the deadline to cast any part; whether the deadline is extended at that time or not will depend on auditions received. I don't close out casting calls early, so you really will have until Sept. 15 to get your audition in.

- Good microphone quality, with no background noise, echoes or peaking.
- Dedicated actors who can get their lines in on time, or let me know if they'll need more time.
- Render audio to WAV (or high quality MP3)

I look forward to hearing your auditions!

About the Creator: seterra

I mostly do voice acting as a hobby. I always enjoy working on projects with people.

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