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Sakasa Jinei

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About Sakasa Jinei

Hey there, I'm Sakasa! Born and raised in Canada, specifically British Columbia. While my Canadian accent might sneak in occasionally, I do my best to keep it in check. I graduated from acting school in 2015 and explored improvisation until 2019. With COVID restrictions, I had to take a break from acting, but now I'm back! Currently, I'm lending my voice to abridged series online and venturing into stand-up comedy in 2024. Since 2008, I've been actively involved in voice-over work, professionally trained in the art of online voice overs and productions, as well as script writing! Additionally, I'm self-taught in video and audio editing since 2008. I've had the privilege of working with professionals and even taught a few who are now doing professional work themselves!


  • @pokejedservo

    Whether it be plucky young boys, sultry ladies, tragic maidens to even an occasional quirky oddball... Sakasa is often a natural at what she does and her fan-dub productions are of a consistently high quality.

  • @garydillvo

    An absolute pleasure to work with.

  • @chrisgva

    Honestly a recommendation isn't enough for Sakasa, but I will do my best with words to praise her work. This individual is the very reason why you would want to get into and continue voice acting!

    Each project has been fun and professional, not to mention packed with enthusiasm! A talented Audio Expert, a Gifted Voice Talent, along with experience in this very same line of work. I cannot think of anyone better to have on a project and work with!