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    Hello and welcome to the TMOZ auditions page! My name is Sweggles and I'm very excited to share with you this beautiful project and what I'm hoping you'll find to be its intriguing characters. I look forward to an amazing audition from you!

    >>> Disclaimer: The auditions page will be edited frequently and new roles may be added, so please be aware and feel free to come back and check later on down the road if maybe there wasn't something here for you today!

    "....What is TMoZ, anyway?"

    TMoZ is a (broken) acronym for the title-card, "The Many Mysteries of Zoe Ghastling!" TMoZ is planned to be a medium-length pilot (around fifteen minutes or so) posted on various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
    When Zoe Ghastling's mother unexpectedly dies, her world and small family are thrown into peril. When her father proposes the idea of a road-trip around the states to take their minds off things and grieve peacefully, she can't refuse. On this road trip, Zoe will unlock the mysteries of her past and her newfound powers. She'll meet and encounter many amazing friends, foes, and creatures alike. Through her journey of self-identity, heritage, and building family, the heart of TMoZ shines brightly.

    "I see....so this'll be a dramatic slice of life?"

    On the contrary, despite TMoZ's strong underlying themes, it's primarily a mystery comedy! The characters are genuine and there's always a natural connection. Because of this, there is always a lot of comedy to be found! There will be elements of drama, action, and slice-of-life.

    "Sounds good...whats the schedule look like?"

    I'm currently finalizing the character designs of these characters and the main ones, as well. Because TMOZ is a very visual cartoon, completing this first seems very natural to me. I expect this to be done sometime mid-February. The script for the pilot should be ready early March, and I'd need the lines sometime during that month.

    Q: The description seems to be lacking....is there a reason for this?
    A: TMoZ is rooted in its mystery! For now, details have to be kept on lock-down.

    Q: Why aren't the character icon's digitally drawn, or more professional-looking?
    A: These characters have not been able to be fully realized, yet. (Also, we're waiting on new equipment to come in as our old tablet has gone bust.)

    Q: Just a pilot, then?
    A: We're hoping that once the pilot kicks off, we'll have a decent chance of moving forward from there. But no promises can be made.

    Q: Is there any pay involved, and how can I trust this project is any good?
    A: Unfortunately this is unpaid as there aren't sufficient (or any) funds backing this project. As previously stated, this is a passion project I've been dreaming of making for over two years. We've got a great crew so far and we're all determined to make the best thing we can!

    Q: Who's making this?
    A: The TMoZ crew! As of this moment, we don't have a very large crew. We're definitely looking for more people to recruit for the project.

    Q: Why should I care about this?
    A: There is a heart and ambition behind this project. At its heart, TMOZ tells the story of learning the value of self-love and identity and never ceasing to dream big. This cartoon will venture into uncharted territories and tell stories that haven't been heard before.

    Rules ???

    >>) - To ensure the quality of this pilot, we require decent microphone audio quality. Low quality (muffled sounds, distortion, background sound, etc.) distracts from the voice itself.
    >>) - Discord isn't a necessity, but its primarily how the crew interacts and discuss things with each other.
    >>) - Please be patient and keep an open mind. Characters might undergo certain changes, so the ones you see here aren't guaranteed to be the same ones you'll see in the final script.
    >>) - Since there are musical elements of this cartoon, it's not required to have a knack for singing, it is a nice additive.

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post! We're so excited to see what you can bring to the crew!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold