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About DWDuck

Patrick Mallard is the show runner for Gareth and the Lost Island. Along with writing and directing the show, he also voiced the roles of Gareth Mintel, Kevin, and some very unlucky henchmen. This is his first foray into the Audio Drama field.

Patrick lives with his wonderful wife, Debra Mallard, in Arkansas City, Kansas. Together they run Venomous Duck Media. Patrick is the proud father of LGBTQ+ children, and is a firm ally for LGBTQ+ rights.

  • @callan-psycho-cat

    Holy crap!!! This guy! He's just the absolute best!!! He's super great at his work!! He is great at bringing characters to life! I'd totally recommend him!! All the way! He's great to work with, great with suggestions and just a fantastic guy! Great craic! He is also a great writer too, I've seen some of his work and he's just awesome as hell! Plz check him out!!

  • @PeteMcVoices

    Patrick / dwduck has put together a fantastic project in Gareth and the Lost Island. There is a wealth of material here, so much context material above and beyond the scripts, that really help the talent immerse themselves in the material. Patrick has offered clear direction and has been open to suggestions. The production is comprehensive, which has reassured the talent. Patrick really put his money where his mouth is, and it has been a real pleasure to work on this project. I can't wait to work with him again.

  • @sean-f-acts

    Mr DWDuck himself is excellent to work with, the breadth and scale of work that he and his company, Venomous Duck Media are undertaking is truly impressive, will be following along far beyond what they currently have instore for us. 

  • @orangejuice_119

    What a wonderful man to have as a manager for a project! Endlessly kind, understanding and communicates constantly to give constructive feedback and make the project the best it can be