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About Original Animated Series "The Tavern" Episode 1-3 *paid*

My name is René Jacob. I work as a freelance film editor and in my spare time I produce animated films for my You Tube channel.

In 2018 I started my most complex production so far "Alien - The Message". It is a freely available fan movie, which takes place in the "Alien" universe. For the roles in this film, I had done a casting here at that time. The film was finished in summer 2020. If you want to get an impression of my animation films, you can watch "Alien - The Message" in the “previous work” section of this casting, or use this link:





Since June 2020 I am now in preproduction for my new animation project "The Tavern" (working title)



What is "The Tavern" about?


"The Tavern" is to become a fantasy series for You Tube, which will offer thrilling and slightly comedic entertainment. Large parts of the plot will take place in the tavern that gives the series its name. The main character is FREYA DEWCLAW, a tall female warrior who likes to swing her sword for money. The individual episodes tell FREYA’s adventures in the fantasy kingdom CROUVALON.



How are the stories structured?


Each episode has a main episode storyline, which is usually linked to the spanning story arc. There are 6 episodes planned, each of which will have a length of 8-12 minutes. Currently the first three episodes are written. This casting refers only to these episodes. There will be new roles added later, which I would like to cast in a later casting. The production time per episode will take about 5-7 months since I do almost everything alone. So, the whole thing will be a longer-term project.



How will the animation series look like?


In July 2020 I produced a clip that was mainly intended as a lighting test. In this clip you can see different scenes, partly with the main character of FREYA (status of July 2020). You can watch the clip here:




 This series is meant for an adult audience. From time to time swear words are used and there will be nudity in very few scenes. How much naked skin will be is not yet certain. But it will not be more than a free upper body (male and female)



How does the payment look like?


I finance my animated films myself. The films will be shown for free on You Tube and similar platforms. In any case, I don't earn any money with them. On the contrary. Nevertheless, I want to pay for a good acting performance. That's why I will pay 6 USD per line for the work on this series. Smaller roles with little dialogue (2-5 lines) will be compensated with 40 USD. Payment will be made via PayPal when all necessary sentences are recorded and approved by me.

About the Creator: direx1974

My name is Rene Jacob. I work as a freelance film editor in the German film industry. In my spare time I produce animated films with the program iClone. I finance this film completely by myself. I do not earn money with it. With these animated films I want to tell my stories, which I could not tell otherwise. Passion is the driving force here.

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