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Ragdoll Gallery's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Eyes Volume 1 | Sims 4 Machinima

    Hello everyone! This is the Casting Call for a long awaited series, The Eyes. The Eyes is a magical based sims 4 machinima where students learn and figure out their inner powers and see if they'll use their powers for good or bad. Down below, I will be providing some brief descriptions of Plots in the Series that are major/important.


    -In this World, Your Eyes tell a story. They Define who you are. Every 100 years, someone in your Generation has a chance to have these Abilities. If you have them, You're going to last longer than most…These…"Abilities"...are magical...deadly...powerful….just about anything you can think of. Your powers can save you…..kill you. It can bring relationships together. Or completely tear them apart.

    Use them to your advantage over others…..or to help the ones in need…

    Your Powers are special...use them....Wisely. Or death may come soon you.. You dont want to end up like the others, do you…?-

    Beginning Sector -

    In the Pilot episode, Two twin brothers named Nico and Conner were both having a lovely morning coffee at their local Starbucks when all of a sudden, one of the brothers get a texts from one of the most popular magic masters in the world named Lara. Nico and Connor then go out of their way to go find the Realm where the Master is Located.

    Secondary Sector -

    After being confirmed and dismissed by the Magic Master Lara, the brothers then head home to get some rest for their big day tomorrow. The next day, it turns out, 12 other people were invited to the academy's big event. Nico, Connor, and the 12 other students train with the masters and other students to more prune their powers.

    Third Sector -

    After being taken officially taken to the Magic Academy, they (the brothers) make a plan to look for their parents the night of the Magic Formal. Soon after making plans, the brothers started getting stalked by one of the students named Kade.

    Last Sector - 

    Fast forward to the night of the formal. Nico and Connor leave the Academy to go look for their parents where they are awaited by an very sad surprise. 

    [ The Origin of Parallax]

    Kade Trester aka Parallax. Kade was always wanted to be the center of attention and have always wanted to have control over others (which is know for his Eyes Color). On the Yearly Gnoll Memorial which is every September 13th, during the announcements, Kade threw the speaker over board and started stating his plans to overthrow the all of Glimmerbrook. Him doing that cause alot of chaos. Soon, licensed Spellcasters came over to stop Kade. When Kade refused, a battle broke out causing Kade to Overcharge, killing everyone at the Memorial. This sparked an interest in one of the Masters. Master Kyle took in Kade promising that Kade will get the power that he wants.



    • Decent Mic Audio. I can easily edit out background noise but please try to be in a room with little to noise
    • Good Acting.  Me and my writers try our best to show what is happening in each scene and dictate the emotions needed for the scene, so please read it, practice, try to imagine what are you doing and how are you feeling as the character, feel the character, be the character.

    Good Communication. Without communication, we cannot decide when we can turn in and accept voice lines! If anything comes up, please notify me. I am most active on discord to feel free to add me on there or join my server.

    • You can audition for many characters as you want. You can role more than a character, no matter the sex/gender or whatever.
    • Extras are accepted.
    • Every audition will be taken every Saturday
    • This project may contain slight NSFW Themes
    • This project is inspired off of Anime's
    • I will have to make animations for certain scenes and that can take a very long time
    • The Series is planned on being released late July, early August on a weekly upload schedule 
    • You can send your voice lines in any shape or form
    • This will be a long term project. If you do not think that you will be able to work with us for 1-2 years, then please let us know!

    We understand that everyone has a life so we'll completely understand if you can't send the lines. We will wait you a week or two (or the time you need) ALWAYS if there's a good reason. What ever the reason is, please notify us to avoid confusion! 

    About the Creator: Ragdoll Gallery

    Ragdoll Gallery is a team of friends that loves to make content for people to watch and enjoy. While this account is ran by 1 person, the rest of the team as full participation in these projects.

    For further info or for contacting purposes, please contact us here.

    Discord User - kid_brandon #7133

    Discord Server - https://discord.gg/GumqDyU

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold