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About DRAUFILM ✨ Dale

Dale Drau is an up-and-coming voice actor based in the United Kingdom, who burst onto the machinima scene in 2020 and has since featured in a prolific array of indie movies, series and games, lending his talent most notably to works such as Ward University and The Kenopsia Effect - while also devoting time to several creative ventures of his own. This includes directing, writing, composing and producing the Simmy-nominated short film For Him. Drau is also well-known within his small sphere of influence as a 3D artist, contributing visuals to many of his peer's projects alongside his own.
- Kerry Bäckström

  • @bendogreg

    Pure talent. That's all you need to know basically...my project(s) would not be the same without him honestly. He's committed, and very much on time with sending in lines. Do no let his talents go to waste y'all!

  • @simmer-boi

    Everyone should want Dale to be involved in their project. He's so talented in so many different ways, and he just keeps getting better as he goes. His commitment is unlike anything I've ever seen, and having him on my team motivates me to keep going. In the few months I've worked with him he's revealed himself to be incredibly professional, passionate, talented, warm and, in general, an amazing friend. You really don't wanna miss out on him. <3

  • @ves_official

    I thought I was lucky when I heard Dale's audition for my project. But then he agreed to actually join the project and just fit the role so perfectly! 10/10 Would recommend!