A voice actor with a heart full of passion!

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About Crowfather

Hi! I'm just a voice actor who's just looking for opportunities to improve!

Need a deep, raspy voice for your character? Or perhaps a character who screams a lot? Maybe even a smooth, soft-spoken teenager? Superhero?

Regardless, I've got you covered with those, and many more.

Feel free to check me out!

Voice acting has been a thing I have been heavily invested in for years, now. I'm very passionate about it. Though I'm not in many projects as the following time suggests, due to my personal life interfering (as well as lots of projects still being in development), I actually have been doing voice work since August of 2017! And now that everything is going smoothly, I'm kicking back into gear with this new CCC profile, where I make it my challenge to try and audition more consistently, and get my name and voice out there to anyone who'll listen!

I look forward to working with all of you!

Discord: Crowfather#6368

You can find the rest of my contacts here:

Recording Specifications:

Microphone - RODE NT1-A Cardioid Condenser

Interface - Zoom H4N Pro

DAW - iZotope RX8 Advanced Audio Editor

Vocabilities - 2021

The Complete Voice-Over Starter Kit

Instructed by Darren McStay


What Crowfather is looking for

Anything and everything!

[NSFW is still iffy for me, but I'll most likely be more open to it in the future.]

  • @sidney-rose

    Tatakai (or Crowfather as he prefers to be called) provided a voice for one of the minor roles in my project. Crow did an awesome job with voicing his character, and his voice is very fun to listen to (at least in my opinion, lol). He's very laid back and chill once you talk to him and get to know him a little more, so please, don't hesitate to recruit him for your project! He is also very committed to his part in a project and tries his best to learn more.

  • @vera-tan

    Crow is truly delightful person to work with, he is my director and fellow actor, and he is the perfect balance of talent, professionalism, and genuine friendliness. He stepped up for a project that was going a little sideways and actually stepped up and became the director. The production then became a lot smoother and people volunteered to help with mixing, social media management, organisation and many other things because they trusted in him. 

    He really gets the job done, no matter what it is.

    As someone new, he gave me advice and feedback that helped me more than I could've hoped for, and he's very willing to help others as well. I've even sent him some of my important auditions to look over, since he's got a really good ear for these things. The whole time I've known him he's been constantly improving and putting the time and effort into perfecting his craft, and it's really admirable.

    So if you want someone really capable and professional in your team, he's you man! Bird! Whichever!

  • @jettybee

    Crow is a very chill and fun person but serious when needed. As a director and a fellow actor he has helped me polish my skills and taught me techniques to improve my performance. From helping me visualize how a character is feeling for a better performance to giving me advice on microphone positioning when screaming my lungs out, Crow was by my side the whole time as he was sharing his knowledge and methods to me.

    He is also a great leader. One time a project was near to complete inactivity when the previous director stepped down, Crow took over as director and had a whole staff organized and the next thing you know the project went from being dead to becoming released in a span of a day. Its almost as if everyone's morale has been inspired and the cast members have been unified into a TEAM.

    As a director he is very passionate about how the project ends up looking. Giving me insight on how the project should be seen as on its different scenes and moments and guiding me through it as he is also a co writer.

    Crow is even more passionate on his love for sound design. He has shown me clips of his previous work where I was very immersed that I felt like it was a professional project. Crowds talking, foot steps fading in, a gentle breeze and even the smallest audible details he's already thinking of it if not THOUGHT of it, and don't get me started on his creativity on mixing them. I've seen this man put grenade sound effects as god like angry foot steps and some how make it sound good.

    As a friend he will check up on you from time to time, he is a very fun person to be with and has a great sense of humor. Even in our free time we we're practicing reading comics to improve my situational comprehension and have fun while doing it.

    I believe crow is a fine addition to any project and he will work to the best of his ability to make it the great!

  • @somewhatheroicproductions

    Let me talk about Crowfather for just a few minutes and how great it is to work with him. I worked with Crowfather on my group's full fandub of Senyu that we worked on for about a calendar year. His character, Elf November, was on of the last I cast due to his appearance later in the season and the fact the character was a super difficult one to play. Being one of my favorite characters on the show also may have played a factor.

    Anyways, after getting his contact info, he showed immediate passion for the project, which I loved seeing. I sent him the script and gave him a deadline of something of about two months to get lines to me. He asked a couple great questions, and returned all his lines to me within about two weeks. With this, he showed his reliability and great work ethic. Additionally, it showed me just how talented of a VA he is. He brought his character to life and overall did a brilliant job bringing his chaotic character an excellent performance.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend working with Crowfather. His work ethic, genuine interest in my project, and great VA talent makes him someone you could count on for your VA project as well. I would love to work with him again in the future.

  • @jasonzvo

    He's really nice