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Classes Start Sept 21
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voice Acting
  • Music Composition
  • Character Design
  • Video Editing

Forgotten Films's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Cowl (Skyrim Passion Project)

    What Is This Project?

    This is going to be a fan made story based in the Skyrim universe with a gritty feeling that is sometimes interrupted by try hard quips and smart ass commentary littered through the script. Yes some might call it a "Machinima" But that name has been dragged through the dirt so i am going to be calling it a Low Budget Visionary Film.

    Whats The Story?

    Well.....If I just told you it wouldn't be much fun to watch the final product would it?

    Whats Going To Be The Rating?

    Well I wont tell you the rating but I am Australian so there is gonna be swearing and I am not a fan of sprinkles and sunshine that for f*ckin sure!

    How Far Is The Development Process?

    Well I mean the final date for the voice actors is when I am looking to be finished, cause ya know I got real life shit to do to I'll try my hardest to not be a slackass because I am looking forward to this project and I am planning to follow through and get the best possible outcome for this independent masterpiece. (This applies to the in game animation only not the audio or editing)

    What Roles Are Available?

    Obviously the voice acting roles below (More will be added soon) but I definitely no to extra help on anything from in game puppetry to video/audio helping. If you wish to help with anything extra i have no money this purely passion but i can make sure your name is ranked for how much effort you put into the project!

    Character looks

    These are just placeholder photos these characters are not the finished product and all photos used belong to the rightful owners I claim no ownership.

    THIS IS A PURELY PASSION PROJECT THE DEADLINE IS A ESTIMATE OF THE FINAL PROJECT AND IS NOT TO BE TAKEN TO BE SET IN STONE. (As long as everyone pulls their weight we should make deadlines unless unexpected complications)

    About the Creator: ForgottenFilms

    I am more of a director then anything I have always loved the thought of making films and I have so many ideas I have decided to use video games as my way of expressing my art and passion.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold