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About The Breakfast Club Alternate Version (9M/8F)

Hey there folks this is Pokejedservo here and here is another audition spot for a Audio Play based on one of my stories. But this one is actually a remake/rewrite of the 1985 movie "The Breakfast Club". For those who are not familiar with the 1985 film, the film was about a 5 high-school teenagers who are stuck on Saturday Morning Detention. Each of the 5 teenagers come from different cliques namely a Athelete (Member of the Wrestling Team), a Nerd, a Rich Girl, a strange eccentric girl dressed in black and a young Bad Boy/Delinquent. These 5 teens soon reveal that they have a lot of issues about their lives as they bare their souls to each other. In which they also deal with the School Principal who tries to be a stern disciplinarian but is just a bitter man who has his issues as well. The School Janitor also plays a bit of a role as he gets to pay the students and later on the Principal a visit or two imparting some wisdom. The film was very much a Dramedy and a Character Study, as while the movie had plenty of funny quips it definitely gets more serious later on (especially when we get to know more about the character backstories).

This story is an alternate version of the original 1985 film as for starters this is a bit more modernized story. However this will feature some rather alternate takes from the original story. Such as how in the original movie all 5 of the students meet for the first time but in this version that was still true bor Andy, Brian and Claire but in this story Bender & Allison were already very good friends before this story began. There is also certain other details like how aside from Claire this time all the students knew the real reason why Andy was in Detention but had their reasons why they didn't mention it until later. But while this new version will have its differences but it is still very much a Dramedy as it has plenty of Comedy and Drama. (There are certain other differences like how this version will delve a bit more into Andy and Brian's relationships with their parents and more.)


1. I do admit that when I do my casting I try to minimalize the amount of auditioners who didn't get a role at all if possible. But your chances of getting a role at all would be better if you audition for more than one role, again this is just a suggestion but auditioning for more than one role would help your chances.
2. This is based off of a famous 1985 movie so in other words if you want to do impressions of its cast members such as Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and the like you can but its purely optional. Fortunately there are plenty of clips of the movie on Youtube and its very much available on DVD.
3. There is plenty of profanity in this as aside from Carl Reed all of the Main Cast Members swear and most of them swear a lot. However as for the minor roles that are underneath Claire they for the most part have no profanity except for the Quarterback which has very little. (Though if there is any consolation this rule doesn't apply to Bender and Allison's singing voices though.)
4. A few of the roles here namely Allison, Bender and Brian do have a few lines in Japanese in the story but just do the best you can in actually saying those lines.

Anyway without further adieu here are the Characters...

[Cast List So Far]

Andy Clark- votoddwilliams (US: bpeppler, Neil Thomson)
Brian Johnson- jazzhandss (US: rockr470)
John Bender (Speaking)- Shi (US: nerdwulf, dimentox)
John Bender (Singing)- Shi (US: dimentox, Pokejedservo)
Principal Richard "Dick" Vernon- mbgcon (US: davidinark)
Carl Reed the Janitor- Pokejedservo
Allison Reynolds (Speaking)- PrinceHarlequin (US: Darkdemise, anajo skylark)
Allison Reynolds (Singing)- PrinceHarlequin (US: Darkdemise, Sedna Da)
Claire Standish- Mippa (US: RaeLynnVoices, piyo)
Mr. Standish- Pokejedservo
Mr. Clark- Pokejedservo
The Quarterback- Headacher (US: Pokejedservo)
Mrs. Johnson- imtruetome (US: Sedna De)
Brian's Little Sister- justme (US: Sedna De)
Schoolgirl (A)- Pygmy Panda (US: Sedna De)
Schoolgirl (B)- Willow Fengs (US: Justme)
Schoolgirl (C)- Andrastae (US: Sedna De)

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