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About Skyrim DLC Quest Mod: Death Consumes All

Death Consumes All is a DLC-sized quest mod for Skyrim to be released in Spring 2020.

Death Consumes All revolves around a mysterious plague that kills everyone in Skyrim and bring them back as undead.

Livia Salvian, the daughter of the High Chancellor, is determined to solve this plague and bring honor to her family. Recognizing you as the person the Mistress once wanted dead, she has decided to enlist your help to stop the plague.

This mod introduces a semi-non-linear questline, where you can decide which quests you want to do and which you don't. Different quests you complete offer you different rewards, and will directly affect the final battle. The order of which you complete the quests, the decision of whether or not you would complete a quest, might change the whole story. Every quest builds up to the final event of the story, and out of over 10 main quests, you can choose not to do a single one to begin the final quest - if you're smart enough to find out how to stop the plague already!

The plague is bound to kill every living being of Tamriel, and if you don't stop it in time, you will be left with nothing but a world of the dead... and undead.

Death Consumes All is developed at the same time as Shezarrine - The Fate of Tamriel. This mod is considered to be the prequel and a simpler version of the completed Shezarrine. Meanwhile, we are continuing to recruit level designers, scripters, and 3D artists for Shezarrine.

Death Consumes All is set to be released in the next spring.

Join our Discord for the most updated information: https://discord.gg/k9W3N3q

About the Creator: anbeegod

I am the director and head writer of the epic Skyrim quest mod Shezarrine - The Fate of Tamriel, also responsible for voice actor recruitment as well as voice acting direction.

I have also made other custom-voiced follower mods such as Caesia and Livia, in cooperation with talented voice actors; and I wish to enrich my game development and writing experience to become a competent member in the video game industry.